Thursday, October 06, 2005

Seeking my soul

I am still lost, searching for my soul, reaching out for help!!

I wonder sometimes; did I ever had a soul and then lost it, or is it just I have never had a soul!!

Trying to remember, trying to understand, what is the use of the mind with a tortured soul & heart???

Did I change to the better or to the worse? Was it good for me to realize things, or should I stayed as I was unaware of things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My head is gonna blow up, I am trying to shut it down now with no use

My god was that month the month of madness or the month of rise!! Was it a holy light that came to my soul or a devilish light!!

I am going back to my cave now, BYE


Ahmed Shokeir said...

Maged ... calm down

Sure it is the month of holy light, but who can see

free soul said...

ahmed, :) i am talking about something happened 9 months ago, this was the month i was talking about :)

Ramadan kareem, I will try to calm down, I rely on the effect of ramadan to bring peace to my soul, may we all have peace in our souls

Phantom of the Blog said...

can i come to ur cave too?