Saturday, October 29, 2005

Source of evil, the reason

I though about my last post and I found a gab in it, so I found that I should complete this gab

Why do I talk about the source of evil and list those things??

When you are really an evil man, you will not know that, you will be mostly moved by a motive that you see innocent and in most cases you will see it like a good motive and think you are doing the right thing, the worst kind of evil is when you think you are doing the right, good intentions lead to bad ends all the time

Those who make crimes with bad intentions kill a man or two or even a few, but this “patriot” or the one who call himself so, can kill thousands and even millions without losing his self respect

When you kill a man and look into his eyes and know your bad intentions, it is a hard experience for anyone with living heart, but with a motive of loyalty, principles, religion and so on, you can kill thousands thinking you are spreading good ideas and saving the world

I though it would be good to discuss some of the faces of evil sources that we use as a curtain to hide behind from our bad deeds, we will try here to know if those motives are of pure evil, partial evil or that they are not the source of evil at all, I will be open to hear your comments as I accepted all the comments in the loyalty discussion long ago

See you in the first section


LEMNA said...

How is my friend??how is life going on?

free soul said...

your friend has been asking about you!! where have you been all that time?? I missed your post from time to time :)

I am preparing my military papers now, wish me luck