Friday, October 21, 2005

1973: Lessons #1: Media

we had a war, we lost in this war according to the most optimistic reports about 8000 soldiers, souls and families, the least thing to do for them is to learn from what happened

The lesson today is about media, whenever we start to hide the truth from the people, we must be prepared for the defeat

The media before and during and even after 1967 has committed the biggest lie in the history of Egypt

first of all, the covered the conditions that Egypt had to accept for Israel to leave Sinai after the war of 1956, this was the first step of the lie, to make it acceptable they made all Sinai a military closed area so that no one could go there and know the truth

they kept us living in the lie for years and years, feeding us with southands of nonsense we read everyday about the weak army of Israel and our huge abilities, they gave us two rockets without guiding chips claiming they can hit Israel, the two rockets where a complete failure, they sent our troops to Yemen and told us they were fighting for freedom, but actually they were fighting for the illusion of the glory Nasser seek, they told us they fight for honor but they were killing children and burning houses there (yes it is true, believe it, that is what we did in Yemen!! )

During 1967, the lie continued, then suddenly, all broke down and the truth appeared as ugly as it is!!

The question is, did we learn from that? When you read our newspapers those days, can you believe what it tells?

Click on the picture above to see how bad the lie can be!!

I hope we understand that the road to the future starts from the past; we need to know the past, reveal the details of what happened in our wars and then learn from them

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