Friday, October 21, 2005


Take this new quote by me:

"poeple are the things you have to push back; in order to move on"


ensana said...

I agree to a big extent.. but you need to decide which people to push back cause some of which who may seem need to be pushed back, may help you move even if one step forward.. but if you push them back rushingly and accidentally, you lose this step.. or more...

free soul said...

Ensana, first a big welcome here :)

You are right, I meant those people who will hold you back with them, in the past, it happens all the time

an old love, a failed relationship, friends that don't really suit you, or that don't care much for you, it is when you feel there is much dues for keeping with people without real outcome of it (emotional outcome, not materialistic) when you need to push them back in order to keep going in life

ensana said...

I agree:)

PS: Thank you for your big welcome:)