Sunday, October 02, 2005


Sometimes when I speak with one of my friends, I find my mouth throwing blocks of wise words!!

The last time I was walking with a friend of mine, he was talking with me about a romantic problem he had, I started to talk saying few statements classifying the different kinds of feelings a man can feel toward a woman and marking each one with the signs the man in the relation can see, my friend got astonished, I am in his eye that young shy guy that had one previous experience in his life and since then stopped to talk or believe in love, he said after I finished: “I see you have a mind here, why you look so stupid with when it is related to you then!!”

Recently, while reading the blog of lemna, my dear wise friend, I started to think, we are 22 years old now, we should be young and idiots but that is not the case, we look wise, old people look wise so, did our souls get old early before time ? Did our time go quickly giving us lessons other didn’t have the chance yet to have?

What other chances did we miss on the way?

What was the cost for wisdom we would never seek?


Ahmed Shokeir said...

You said you are in 22 and you should be idiot more than being wise, by this way belive me you will be idiot when you will be in your 40's

Zeinobia said...

First Ramadan Karim
second in my opinion despite what is all said about the foolishness of the young generations , I think we got some wisedom
after aren't those in the 20s who broke the silence and led the demonstartions

free soul said...

shokair :D, looooooooooooool

kol sana wenta tayeb,

Zainab, some madness don't hurt, it may be a little healthy too :)

kol sana wenty tayeba we ramadan kareem :)