Sunday, October 23, 2005

Prisons #1

This post is intended to be a starting point of a sequence of posts about prisons we have in our life, prisons that we can’t touch yet has the most effect in our lives, prisons that were able to destroy nations and build others.

Physical prisons can’t really imprison your freedom if you really have it in your deep inside, just those virtual ones can do that job

This time I will talk about one of the worst of those prisons, it is the one responsible of holding our civilization (if we have one) back for centuries, it is the prison of acceptance

The prison of acceptance is a prison we put on our minds when we decide to take ready-made ideas from elsewhere, here we imprison the mind and prevent him from trying to justify the validity of those ideas

How many of us stop to ask the magical question: “why?” and how many of us then receive one of those silly answers such as: “orders of god, the right thing to do, for your own good” and stuff of that kind then how many of us will move to justify the reason of the answer till he is finally convinced??

Is it right to justify everything and keep your mind working all the time? I wonder but all I can say is that my mind is free and working to the burning limit!

The Egyptian writer, Salah Esa, says that what I just called the acceptance prison was forced on the nations by invaders and governments to keep them under control all the time by the name of god, he sue was talking about Egypt but at once I remembered Europe in the middle ages and the control of the church on all branches of life and science.

Don’t you think it is the time to move this old machine -called the brain- a little and get it back to life… free?


ensana said...

Freesoul, would you please visit littlemo's ابحث عن نفسي , I started a discussoin out there and was waiting for you.. don't know if you want to proceed, where and when?!!

PS: I haven't yet read "Prison#1".. I have to go now but I will come back later..

Have a nice day:)

ensana said...

I read it.. it IS about time.. we HAVE to move on.. it is our last chance, only those who use their minds will survive..

free soul said...

some people don't use their minds at all, some use it in every single tiny thing, both fail to live!!!

following the mind all the time lead to overflow, your mind will burn down, just like mine :(

leaving it in a break will lead to the ultimate death of your mind, and finally, you will become a complete arab :)

I read your comments there, i will answer you a short answer there and a long answer here on my blog

Zeinobia said...

I like this topic
I believe the most dangerous Prison we have in our Life is Fear and Ironically it is not the fear of God but the fear of Humans
The fear to think
The fear to speak
The fear to act and react
The majority of not only the Egyptian People but the Arabic People is living in this prison
The reasons are Collection ,a bundle of complicated Sociculture stuff From regimes to stupid Custom and traditions
In fact I believe that most regimes took advantages from this fear
For example in Nasser Era , the fear of Scandal was used by the secret Service ,great men turned to coward babies because of it
I believe in what my Grand Mother believe in and she is strong woman "Fear God and Don't fear humans'

free soul said...

we all have fears, just when your fear starts to build walls around your soul, at that time, fear is becoming of the hardest prisons

fear to change, fear to be different, fear to be silly, fear to act, fear to talk, fear to start, they are all faces for the same thing that keep us negative away from being effective somehow