Sunday, April 17, 2005

Loyalty!!! the powerfull factor


This word may seem simple; one man would come and tell: my loyalty to my country!

But where is your country?

Is it the land you were born at? I wasn’t born here in Egypt, but I don’t feel anything to the place I was born at.

Is it then the place you lived most of your life in? This should mean that your loyalty change with time, that doesn’t make sense at all!!!

Is it the religion? I believe religions were not meant to separate us, it is just our pride and stupidity that makes us thinks in that way.

Color, religion, country and even political ideas can be issues to talk about loyalty.

It is a basic historical truth that jaws has suffered a lot all over the known history, but what is not widely known is that all this was another loyalty issues

Jaws have always believed in loyalty for their religion first, that made all nations they lived with hated them as they used to act as a country inside another and they never paid attention to the problems of the nations they live with.

So what? What is right?
This is an issue I spent long time thinking of; I couldn’t come to a solution that could convince me 100%

Right now, I think loyalty should be to the people, whatever their color, language, nationality , people are all humans, they all have the same right, my first loyalty is to humans now, I don’t know if I am right, what do you think ?


Phantom of the Blog said...

i think ur right, being nationlistic only draws ppl farther apart not closer together.

LEMNA said...

Emmm,pal,I think nevermind what color you are or you are from which country 'n so are a human despite of all...'n human's rights has been defined..also many people donn care of that...we have to gain our rights from them by power...mmm...

free soul said...

Good to now someone read what I wrote :-)

the problem is when you have full loyalty to something , you are sometimes blinded from the mistakes!

the only way you don't do those mistakes is to be loyal to humans in general, this way your decisions will be based on justice for all the others!

# Juwaireyah # said...

Well, I beleive that loyalty should be to our religion, and our Ummah, everything you do is only for God's sake, and for the wellfare of this ummah, that's what I beleive in, sincerity towards allah
قل إن صلاتى و نسكى و محياى و مماتى لله رب العالمين و بذلك أمرت و أنا أول المسلمين

free soul said...

I agree partially on what you say, to be loyal to my relegion , is actually to be loyal to God orders, and it is never against humans, so it is after all loyalty to humans!!

the point is, I won't be loyal to the group of humans that say they belong to any relegion, humans may be right or wrong, make mistakes, so I can't take them the guide, the guide should be the relegion as it was made for the good of ALL HUMANS not just a small part of them

terrorists think all the time they are loyal to their relegion brothers, but they are wrong, that is becasue they missed what is behind relegion, and made the blind loyalty to people and not God

# Juwaireyah # said...

well, I didn't mean that u'd be loyal to people of ur religion no matter wthat they do, of course u have to think first, specially nowadays when a lot are doing mistakes in the name of religion,
What I meant is that ur first aim in life is to please your God...

free soul said...

Now I know you got what I meant perfectly, The problem is we have to think what is good for humans, for that sometimes we can't believe all who takes with the name of god, they say something here in egypt, another in iraq, another in sudi, what is right is what is right for all humans, and sure that is what please god, so we know we are on the right way

May allah guide us all to the right, amen