Tuesday, October 04, 2005

1973: Military facts

here are some military facts many of us don’t know or seem to ignore, let’s see it,

the rule of the Russians in the victory was great, we must remember that the plan of the war was totally following the Russian military school
the man who wrote the complete plan of October war, Mohammed Abd El Ghani el Gamasi, has the best reputation in Israel, how many of the Egyptians know him ?
the most effective rule in the war was for the artillery and regular soldiers, they paid a high price for the war
we can’t forget the engineers who worked on building the bridges under attack and lost their lives, we mustn’t forget also the huge number of workers and engineers who lost their lives while building the Air-defense barrier
We cheated the Syrians in the war, they demanded too much from us more than the abilities of our army, so at the beginning we didn’t apply what was agreed between us (to move to “al madayek” area)
the second phase of the plan was a complete disaster
Ariel Sharon is a very good military leader, review his way in leading his troops to land behind our lines and you will know why I do respect his mind
we won the war in the first 3 or 4 days, we lost it afterwards, what I believe that we won forever is the respect of the world as a nation that can fight for its freedom
the air forces has the smallest effect on the war, it seemed like Hosny mubarak wanted to save the plans and didn’t use them after the first strike(unless in a very rare conditions)
I love Sadat, he is a man that cares for his country and put a very high price for each soldier, that means a lot to me.
I missed the funeral of El Gamasi, I knew of it late after it was already moving and there was no way to catch it, I feel terrible for that since his funeral


Zeinobia said...

Hey Maged
thanks for this military facts you mentioned
believe me many don't know the Name of El-gamsi because of bothe ignorance and media
I knew these facts as I was raised in a house that respected those great men and thus I respected them so much
I share with u your respect to the El-gamsi
Do u know that they called him in Iseral The Scary thin man
in fact I guess he deserved to be the president
call me a child but I put a hope on that he died May God bless his soul in this holy month of Ramadan among all those great men

free soul said...

I don't remember when did he die exactly, it is almost a year now since that :(

when you mentioned "the scary thin man", I now believe you know him well, very few of the egyptians know things about him, moreover, fewer know he earned that title :)

the man is a model for the military man that deserves all respect and love, although I found a strange fact, when searching on the net about the war of 1973, the names who were viewed as the leaders were ahmed esmaiel, el mosheer in that time, and saad el deen el shazly, but i didn't find his name!!!

ok, i think i just need to search more!!