Wednesday, November 02, 2005

minerva flies at dusk- end of alex crisis

they say minerva takes flight only at dusk, they refer by that to the fact that whenever we start to talk and discuss a crisis, this is declaring that this crisis is just about to die and the problem is about to be solved!!

ok, I hope they are right, but that is only if minerva could complete her flight without falling down with a broken wing :)

a lot of healthy talk has been circulating on the net, newspapers and media, of course the government still deny the whole case but who cares as much as the people start to realize it, this is the key for the solution

I am optimistic now, I know the danger is not fully out but i received a mail from a close friend telling me that she got on good terms again with her best friend, she is a muslim and her best friend is christian, my friend is a young person from the generation that came out in the demonistrations, my friend is a very committed muslim and I loved the fact that she understand that we are not enemies but we are partners

i am optimistic because she can fight to prove for the closed minded that blame her for that, to prove for them that they are stupid and blind, I am optimistic because i am not anymore alone in this fight and i am optimistic because what i could read on the blogs and the moves following

but let me put my dark glasses again, plzzzzzzzzz don't forget and plz don't slow down, move on, go after the roots of the problem reaching the seeds of hatred and don't be shy anymore, don't wait for our "beloved" governemt to move, it is no time for that, either we move now, or leave it for another generation that will curse us for letting them down

I am optimistic but with a long look on the future, if we get satisfied like the usual act of arabs with the good starting we got, we will finally fail, persistance is the key

Happy feast for us all, christians and muslims :)

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