Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Madkoor abo el 3ez

Once upon a time, back in 1967, few days after the worst defeat in history of Egypt, a man took control of the Egyptian Air Force; his name was madkoor abo el 3ez

The man then analyzed the situation of his troops, gathered as much as possible of the planes left, some planes arrived from neighbor countries

The man then realized that ismailia is in great danger, actually the whole line of Suez canal was in a horrible danger of the Israeli troops cross the canal in any moment to destroy what is left there of the Egyptian army

The man took the decision based on responsibility , he made an air strike, the most successful one in history of Egypt, with about 40 planes only, attacked Israeli ground forces, killed so many, and delayed them to settle in there for a few more months

The man was forced to quit a few months later, the news of this air strike was never published, the man was deleted from all history pages, but history never forget

They didn’t even let us know his name as in that very critical moment after the defeat, to let us accept the losers, no hero should appear on the scene, even if they have to put him in prison like what happened with many others after this war

God have mercy on his soul, I say to him, we love you & if history forgets, your people never forget

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