Saturday, May 07, 2005

Believe me, it is terrorism!!

Everyday we read about Palestine, we never turn to think about the legacy of what they do everyday

First, I know what I am going to say in the next few lines will mostly get most of you mad, most of you will think that I am crazy or stupid, but please be patient until I end my words and we will see

I think that those who commit operations (most of them not all) in Israel and the Jewish settlements are just terrorists, why do I say so?

First, they most of the time attack civilians, the don’t discriminate between children, women, and regular soldiers, they place the bomb without thinking once for who will get hurt by it

Second, let’s consider that rocket issue, how can they make sure those rockets will not land on a school or a hospital, or a normal family?

May be settlements are not legal, may be they should be removed, but sure that is not a reason to kill a single child that lives in there!!

You may start arguing that they have chosen to live in the settlement and so they chose war, but how can you take children by the guilt of their parents???

A few months ago, I was watching TV and I saw a show talking about a girl that blow her self up in Israel, they all the time tried to make me feel sorry for her, and I really did, but now let me list few facts for you

• The girl was working with a medical organization; the occupation now takes her act as a reason for attacking ambulance in Ghaza.

• The girl blow her self up in a 70 years old man that most of his live was against settlements and war.

I don’t want you to misunderstand me, I still feel sorry for her, but I can’t agree with her, what she did was very wrong, she can’t convince me that this was her only choice, and even if that was true , and if she was that hopeless she should never act better than act in the wrong way

Finally, if a man come and kill your little child, what will you do?
Kill the man, or kill his child, when you answer that question, you will understand what I am talking about!!

I am not against your right to defend your country with all LEGAL ways, according to any religion or law, killing civilians is never LEGAL and can never be explained!!


# Juwaireyah # said...

Well free soul, I'll have to disagree with what you said...

If you'd talk about these bombings that are taking place now in Egypt I'd 100% agree with you that this is terrorism, coz these are tourists, and we're not in a case of war.

But what's happening in Palestine, I mean why do we accept that they kill our children and we don't kill theirs, maybe then they'd stop, and كما تدين تدان
or their children and civilians deserve to live more than ours???

free soul said...

I know it is hard to agree with that topic as it is very sensitive, but I think you should know that for a few months ago, I just believed in the same you say

I spend most of my life making researches in history of arabs with jews, wars between us , prisoners of war and all that stuff,

But once I asked myself, how can we count all of them against us while I myself know many israeli friends who work against their own country to help palestinians ??

the second point is more relegious, any child is considerd a muslim until he reach the legal age to be responsible of his acts, so when you kill a child in a settlement, it is that you just killed an innocent muslim child!!!

free soul said...

so after a while that drove me to some rules , whenever they wear the military uniform , they are my enemies, but attacking a village, killing a child (from both sides no discrimination should ever take place here) is never acceptable at least to me

by the way did you read the story of Arna, the one I wrote in this blog, it may show you how some people may be different, this woman spent all her life in israel and palestine, she could get killed at any time, and she was fighting for palestine more than the palestinians, I know I couldn't provide the full story of this woman, but this woman is a very great character that could make it across walls of relegion , loyalty to reach truth!

I don't know if I am right or wrong, discussing this issue is a good way to find out if what I think may have part of the truth