Friday, May 20, 2005

Accident 2

Hi, it is me back again :)

Just a crazy man would come to write something here while he has his final exams two days from now, ok, crazy is just another name for me :)

I am going to tell you some funny facts about the accident I had a few weeks ago, you know I was hit by a car a few weeks ago, now lets tell you some funny stories

  • The car came from the left side of the street, went to the right, i had a friend of mine walking to my left so the car was about to hit him, as you know I am a very luck guy, so the car left him and went more to the right that it was just about to hit the cars on the side of the street, and hit me
  • after the car hit me it did a strange thing, it took me back on its front to the left side of the street again :)
  • my friend tell me I looked so funny flying with my legs up in the air, then falling on the front of the car before falling in the street on front of the car again, I can't confirm that as All I saw was : sky, sky, sky, road, wheels, feet ..
  • the most pupular comment I heared from the people gathered after the accident is : why did this man try to kill you ? all what was in their minds is that was meant to kill me on purpose and not just a hit and run accident, can they be right ??
  • the most funny view of the accident was right after it, people were running to call ambulance, police, gathering to check if the man -me I guess- is still a life, when the dead man stood up quickly and started to run ON FOOT to catch the car :) (didn't i tell you I am crazy !!)
  • I went home to my house, talked to my brother, then my mom arrived, I told her I was hit by a car and she said : " tell me where is the iron (el makwah)"
  • in the hospital , in the emergency section, one doctor only was working at that time, with 3 patients waitting for him, one of them is a kid that lost her finger in an accident and need immidate help, but the man wasn't there (oh my god).

Ok, That is all for now, I will return back to study, it is my frist exam , electronics so see you later then


Steliano Ponticos said...

Just an ordinary day then, right. I think you went to the club that same afternoon.

7amdella 3ala salamtak.

free soul said...

I see your point, it seems to be right !!

Actually , the most time I read novels is the exams time, it is the most time I use the pc, and the most time i write , the most time i play games :)

Being stupid isn't enough, is it ?

thanks for the wish :)

shop girl said...

Being hit by a car is not a good experience at all i guess!
good 2 know u came out ok :)

Steliano Ponticos said...

Personally I work around my place. I never clean up and do the dishes and laundry as much as I do them when I have an exam:An excuse for not studying..yalla whatever :)

free soul said...

Shop girl, some how it is a rich experience, you know, near death experience give life meaning and teach you not to waste a moment as it is so precious and you may not find it again, you should try it :) kidding of course ! hope no one have such accident, but belive me , may be it is not good to HAVE an accident, but it is good to SURVIVE an accident

Thanks again, and welcome here :)

free soul said...

Steliano, yeah , I rarely clean my room, but I do that only when I am under pressure of work, they say it is healthy as it free your mind from the thoughts and pressure

but they say so that a busy mind should marry a trivial girl, do you buy it ?

hmm, may be they are right after all :)

Steliano Ponticos said...

In general I really like trivial people, boys or girls. I can think the quote is truel but its not like you always have the choice, especially if you are busy.

Its not like I enter a shop and: I would like a trivial girl please.

See what I mean...If there is already a girl who wants to marry me, I would be happy...not that I want to get married now, but when that comes along.

free soul said...

Steliano, yes, I understand ,trivial people are great friends all the time of happyness, but take care , the are the worst in hard times!!

Although I find the quote interesting, I am not much supportive to it, it is for me more like, needs a girl that "can be trivial" not that is trivial, you need some nonsense sometimes

You know, in the exams time i never play any serious games, I just play silly games that require no thinking at all, like chicken invaders, this clears your mind, cool it, make it ready to have a new work cycle soon :)

LEMNA said...

Iron?!:)):))Donn think this much to that accident my pal,u will feel sad...

Steliano Ponticos said...

wow free soul, excellent idea about "that can be trivial" and not "who are.."..see studying does make us smart :)

free soul said...

Lemna, I don't think much in it, but it came by my mind a few days ago, so I wrote those little notes

don't worry, i am still fine and completing the conversion on scheduale :)

steliano, study makes us smart ?? I really doubt that :(