Friday, May 06, 2005


I speak Arabic
You speak English
She speaks French

I am a Muslim
You are a Christian
She is a Jew

I love Fairoz
You love metallica
She loves the Beatls

We are different, aren’t we?

When I look around me, I discover that we don’t accept different as we should, we all the time build walls that don’t really exist between us, just because we are different

Up to now, we can’t understand that god created us different to enrich life, different minds, different souls lead to different thoughts, beliefs and Ideas

All religions ask us to love each other, no matter how different we are!!

Can you accept others as they are, not as you want them to be?

Can you accept man with his thoughts and respect them as your own?

This is the test you should put to your self, no one else will help you, it is just you and the truth, and can you stand it?


# Juwaireyah # said...

yeah, I LOVE the beatles too :))

Well, you're absolutely right free soul,
I have been always like objecting on others opinion, but I got to change that... I have this very dear friend of mine, she's very different than me, but I just LOVE her, we talk about everything, and she always tells me she never gets to talk to someone that freely, coz everyone is always critisizing her, as she was raised up in a foreign country, and have different beleifs...
now, I learned hot to accept her opinions though I'm not convinced about them, and usually they're political or religious ones.

free soul said...

lol :-)

Actually , I love fairoz the most in my entire life, she is wonderful!!

It is good to finally find someone who may really agree with that , as most of us say things and do another, but you experienced that in life, that is really the only way to teach you that we are after all humans, and we HAVE to be different, and teach us to accept people as they are

I learnt that late too, may be I started to act in that different way just a year ago, before that , I couldn't cross those walls built just in my mind, thank god he did free me from this prison of my mind and illusions :-)

Dalulla said...

being different is not problem. Shouldn't be i mean. the point and the matter is what kinda difference are we talking about here? When people are together, say in a friendship realtionship, one can be different than the other but in a negative sense. if one is good and the other is changing to bad, what will the good one do? either watch the other getting worse and dragging him/her or try to be of positive imapct by trying to advise, or walk away! I feel the first option and the last would do no one good. however if the good tries lovingly and caringly to pull the other back, then that will and might be a good approach. Only if all fails and the good walks away, then at least an effort was exerted in a postive way! Difference is a word that holds so many meanings my friend. But differences such as being moslem, christian or jew should not be a problem. It is the "negative different" that matters, especially when someone isists on being different in a way that will harm him/herself and others! BEsides, people should try to hang around those whom at least have some things in commmon, but nothing in common will naturally create BIG DIFFERENCES in thought and attitude! then such realtionships should stay superficial ones, not deep ones.

free soul said...

you are right, and as you said, I didn't mean different like the negative one, I meant different in points of view, way of thinking, way of life, hoppies, nationality, religion ,....

I may be still young, but all my life I found out that we can't accept the fact that we MUST AND WILL have differences, you see, people can accept you to be agressive but they can't accept you to be different, just start talking to someone, he will try to convince you with his point of view, but when he fails , he will either leave you , or start to shout!!!

watch all our discussion programs and see how it ends, they finally insult each other and sometimes even start to get involved physicaly in a fight!!

free soul said...

another point is , who will you choose to be your friend, husband/wife ?

can you accept a person in a near relationship with different way in life ? and how will that affect you?
This is a question that I don't have its answer , yet I just try to explore that world of humans :-)