Monday, May 02, 2005

The experiment

Last Saturday, I made the last important lab test for the hardware I made in my graduation project; it was a very nice experience that I want to talk about it

In the last 5 years, the only time I could really find pleasure in was the lab time, it was a very rare time, small and may be not effective but I still love it.

In the lab, I have that feeling that I am in a holy place, it gives me strange feeling of respect, no jokes, no laugh, just being serious and focus.

last Saturday, The test was to send a signal on the power lines and receive them from another socket, analyze the results, just like usual, I spent about an hour revising all protection parts in the circuit, then spent another hour trying to know why there is no output on the screen before I found out that the oscilloscope is not working!!

ok, at last I managed to view the result, I thought, why didn't they give us a lab to view such result while we were learning multipath fading, the output was exactly a typical response for multipath channel that I thought if I had a camera, I would have taken a photo for this response to include in the project report.

Although I picked up a very hard graduation project, but I don't regret that! Working in the lab is my best time, and my graduation project is hardware with DSP work (which is C++ code with assembly), which makes the perfect combination of tasks I may ever dream of :-)


Phantom of the Blog said...

awesome!!! that is reaaally cool. i cant do things like that. i am not technical. in physics class we had to make a mini roller coaster. it took me foreveeeeeeeeeer and i had to get a lot of help. ur smart! these things require a lot of brain power. good job. i am proud of u!

free soul said...

nurhan, you make my day!

I am really flaterred !! :-)

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C U soon