Friday, May 06, 2005

Arna, we respect you!!

As a respect letter to a woman that I have great feelings to her, I decided to write her short story

Arna, a woman born in Poland –I think, I can’t remember- from a very Jewish family, after the Second World War, immigrated to Israel.

When she arrived, she found that they don’t have a country yet, she was young and active, tricked by the words of the Jewish organization, and she joined one of them.

For the few years later, she became one of the organization officers, and then she left them when Israel was finally founded after the war of 1948.

Years passed, the young girl turned into a grown woman, started to understand the truth of what was going around her, she then married a Christian Palestinian, then she became a Christian herself, she never had kids till her husband died.

This woman has founded an organization to take care of the Palestinian children , for several years, she became the mother of those children, she didn’t teach them to love Israel, on the contrary, she teacher them the meaning of their land, and how to defend what they believe in

Arna died of cancer a few years ago, none of her Palestinian children could attend her funeral as they were prevented from entering Israel.

When she was asked if she regrets the early days of her life, she said” no! I was building my country, I didn’t know about the crimes done, and I never killed anyone”

Her children now are artists, engineers, fighters , they all remember her, they all love her, I remember her too, and have all respect to a soul that could cross the walls of language , religion, country and even hatred for a thing she strongly believed in, God mercy her soul!!

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