Friday, May 13, 2005

Responsibility follow up

Today, I am going to tell you first a short story.

As you know, I teach C++ each year in the faculty, I have been doing so since 3 years now, but this year things were different

It is my final year, the joy of being a student and being instructor will be over, also at the beginning of the year many ideas in my mind changed and on the overall; this year had to be a unique one

I didn’t know what made me feel responsible of those students, I prepared the labs, reserved them, made the time table, printed it, announced it, talked to their Prof.

I contacted other instructors, and gave many extra labs to fell in the space of absent instructors, I gave labs that lasted over double its time, teach many things out of the current scope.

I finally had a long talk with them about how to improve the faculty, how to be better in prog and in engineering (I am not good at all in my field, E I meanL)

Ok, that is what happened, you have to note that I am not a good man by nature; I don’t do that everyday, so I recently stopped to ask myself, what for?

I understood at that time that position and laws are not what identify your responsibility, it is what you can do to help.

I believe you are responsible of each minute you could do a good deed in, each advice you could give, and each help you can provide.

Sometimes change looks hard, but it is always possible, and even if you feel you can’t make it by your own (I can’t change what happens in the faculty, at least not anymore), at least make others understand what is going on, give them advice about how they can act, do your best to make them move in the right direction

Why did I do that?

I believe I wished someone would help me see the way, but no one did!!

Can we understand that our responsibility is not only to do our work, but to do all we can do? Hope we get it one day!!


LEMNA said...

Emm,first of all,thanks aloot for lettin' my link in ur page dear pal,I donn know webdesign,I will soon learn it 'n then Link here in my page:D:)
Second,I can feel what u say,but pal,sometimes doin' more than what is expected may cause a problem for us,imagine I do sth as a help to someone,but s/he misunderstand it 'n take advantage of it:(
It was a great question u mentioned here pal...

free soul said...

It is my pleasure to have your link here :-)

hmm , the point that they take advantage of it needs real study

but you know, it is all in favour of the whole community, especially if the expected is so low as we see here in egypt

you know, as a third world country , if you find an employee that just apply the rules exactly without caring for people, that could be a big advance, but if we regard different aspects for responsibility, this could save us from those old style ideas

I know it is hard to change ideas that are already wide spread in the community, but I am just trying :-(

Steliano Ponticos said...

responsibility, physically it boils down to accountability, I would imagine. But this makes it a riddle, everyone has to be accountable in fromt of someone else and the chais doesn't stop.........maybe its only commitment and only exists you know on a moral plane.