Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I was thinking of writing in this topic, but after a while, I decided to make it a free discussion topic.

The question is yours now, what are the limits of your responsibility?


LEMNA said...

Emmm,Limitss,it depeneds to what responsibilities u think of,if u mean my job responsibilities,I think we can do as much we have to,but in life responsibilities,I donn have a limit,whatever I can I should do...will continue later..

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

Majed .. kol el mashakel elly el shabab feha delwa2ty be sabab 2elet el responsibility ... law kol wa7ed oddamo hadaf we beyes3a 3ashano , he will carry some responsibility ... otherwise , no meaning for life of man .. i have this problem by the way .. enta shayef eh ?

free soul said...


I was thinking of responsibility in the large meaning, the question should be edited to be, what are you resposible of, and to what limit,. I will edit the post soon

free soul said...


it is really important and effective, youth sometimes has the problem of lack of responsibility or too much responsibility, I will explain what I mean later

as you see the qestion is , what do you think you are responsibile of, and to what limit??

Waitting to hear from you man,

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

i will speak in english so that any body can undertand me ... i mean here that you are responsible for the sciences you studied ... how will you use it ... & every gift that God is giving you , how do you responsible of it ... the care of your parents to you .. you are responsible for satisfying them with good marks i guess (with sorrow this doen't happpen with me) .. after you graduate you are responsible for builiding new horizons for your poor country .. poorness here in progress , civilization, Culture ... etc ..

About the Limits , i guess that every day pass in your life , your responsibility increases .. Don't ever forget (like me) that you will be asked for all these things when you are asked by God ... So, No limits for the responsibility ... What do you Think ??

free soul said...

What I think is you are responsible of everything, up to the starts on the sky above you!!

I mean it, you are not just resposible of your work, but of your wife (when you have one :-) )
of your work, of the hearts you love and the hearts that love you
you are responsible of those who take you as their model, your children, your students

you are not responsible on the current state you found your country at, but sure you are responsible of the state your childrent will find !

free soul said...

plz ahmed correct me if I am wrong,

I think in the faculty , you are not just responsible to get hight marks, but to help your friends too

this should include the following years, to tell them what is right and what is wrong in the system, give them advice about how to act to point out those mistakes and correct them

free soul said...

as a final brief, I think you are responsible for each good deed you could do in any place, even not related to the situation!!

if you can help a man in trouble in math, while you teach him phy, you should do it

those are the places of your responsibility, the limits is whatever you can do as you see, and never think you can't do anything, there always be something to be done!

As one of the prof used to say to a friend of mine, the limit is the sky, so seek it in all your life

LEMNA said...

Hemmm,What I am responsible for?!who can make a choices of what I am responsible for?!Who can judge me in this case?!Why should I sometimes do more than what I think it is my responsibility?!...many questionss...

free soul said...


I will try to give you my side of the answers, the ones i have at least

it is only you who can decide what is your responsibility, as it is directly proportional to the chance and abilities of you, we can't suppose we have same responsibility as the commons toward politics for example

Also it is only you who can judge ,and you shouldn't judge others either

you should never do more than what you think you are responsible of, but sometimes you should do more than what others think is your responsibility

I can't say i am right, I didn't have much time to test those new rules :-)
but I tried much to apply them, and make the own judge is my own soul

Dalulla said...

According to your correction of the question "what are you resposible of, and to what limit".
WEll, there are many responsibilities on each of us's shoulders, but i believe the first and most important one is the responsibility we all have towards ourselves at first. What i mean is, we should work on really bettering ourselves, in aspects such as personalities, religion, ethics and morals (or principles should it make a difference). Each individual must always seek positive change.. If we all try to better ourselves, only then will we be enabled to make a difference in this world. People should stop pointing out to mistakes around them and leave out their own mistakes.. Begin with yourself, then be critical of others only when you are in a position. Even criticism should be handled in a positive and encouraging way.. Ya3ni we cannot go and aggressively criticize some one about something and expect them to change! Our comments should be very well laid out, at the right time, in the right tone, and when the other person is willing to hear us out. Most importantly is to show great concern and care in the way we comment about things!

free soul said...

Welcome Dalulla to my blog, I see this is your first visit here, hope it is not the last :-)

Ok, you are right in all you said, we are before all responsible for how we act, to be the first to apply the rules we want others to apply, yet big deal of the question is not answered yet

what I was seeking is your definition of responsibility, it is source and its measure

what can identify that this is your responsibility, and what measure can tell you did it the best ?

we of course have different views in this matter, that is what I face everyday when we discuss something and try to find out who was responsibile of it

let me give you an example, the economy of egypt, are we responsibile of it, and to what limit? what can identify our part in this process?>

Thanks for the valuable comment, I relly missed the part of self responsibility in all my posts

LEMNA said...

Hemmmm,pal,yaa i agree,but sometimes others wanna more,and u can't be responsible for what they want but they can't understand that,and will make a misunderstanding there:(
I don't like this one:(
yaa i exactly agree about the judgement part my pal:)

free soul said...

As you say, you shouldn't care much about what others think, you are right, man can't tie himself with what they want, but what I think is he only should tie himself with what he can (and want) to give.

If others want more than what I am willing to give, I should never be hard on myself, the only judge should be just me , knowing that I did my best weather my best was enough for them or not, doesn't matter anymore