Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Egypt, or what is left of it !!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, more than 4 years ago, I was speaking with a friend of mine about immigration to canada, he was about to leave in a few months, I asked him with an innocent smile : When will you return ?

Him : why should I ?

Me : won't you return back ever to egypt ?

Him: my dear, 10 years from now, there will be no Egypt.

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Steliano Ponticos said...

Man I wouldn't want to be the first comment on this one. If everyone leaves his country, then sure there will be nothing left of it. On the other hand, we are responsible for ourselves, before our I don't know

Hey, great post free soul, a realy good question

shop girl said...

Hmmm the idea really scared me! But yet this is not a reason to leave ur country or should i say ur home.

# Juwaireyah # said...

Well, surely this wasn't a nice comment.
But honestly, I think he's right to leave, I mean if he has a better opportunity out there he should go hunt it, he should look for his own good.
I don't like when people say, he's a traitor, he left his country, no it's not like that, if we look at it that way, then Zwail would be a traitor, El baz would be a traitor!!!
are they??!!!
I think if they had stayed here in Egypt, they wouldn't have accomplished 0.0001 of what they did know, and wouldn't have gotten the chance to contribute to the wellfare of man kind.

free soul said...

Hi juwaireyah, it has been long since you last visit, exams really eat time :(

it wasn't supposed to be blame for him, this man is a very close friend of mine, he teached me and I have full respect for him as the best teacher I ever met in my life :)

the point is what he said, and I think he is right, 6 years from now, if we go on on the same way, there will be no egypt :(

but your comments made me see how negative he acted toward that , this is our country, if every man that can give leave it to give it somewhere else, who then will stay to change anything ?

Yes if he stays he won't achieve the same, but he may achieve better if he make a change in here, life is full of scientists, but not full with good men of science who can change the way of their countries and the destiny of their nations

I don't want to seem talking nonsence, but recently I met a number of prof in the faculty, I had the chance to know them well enough to know they left a very well reserved positions out there in different american and canadian universities to return here , and they are doint the best to change the way of the engineering study in egypt starting from the technical education to the students themselves

free soul said...

but after all you may be right, sometimes frustration is on its max limit that drives the man out, I know the story of zwail and the horrible amount of frustration he suffered before he choose to leave, and I know many other stoires that makes me very sorry on what we are !

but some leave without having any frustration, they just listen to the stories and avoid to try themselves, they just seek the best for themselves, if we all do that we will deliver a big land of trash to the next generation with a flag in the middle and called
ex-egypt :(

My brother immigrated to canada too, my family wants me to join him there, I am still considering that and didn't take my decision yet :(

Dalulla said...

I hope and pray not, Egypt must not vanish, we should not let it, we should begin to understand what it means to love Egypt as Egyptians. Regardless of all the negative aspects. We must really learn to love ourselves and one another, to give support, to give encouragement, to hold the hands of the less fortunate, to help educate, to help nourish, to share all the good and blessings we have.. And i do know there are people who are already doing that. Maybe the percentage is not so great, but i know we have lots of good within us. I Know Egypt will always be Egypt. I am not a dreamer or living in a fantasy, and non of us should be! We should be realistic and persistant, by not allowing the negative to happen, we must work for Egypt, in other words, for you and me, for him and her, for this kid and that.. for every sand grain on our land! We must not allow any one to take us over. WE must fight for our identities, but we really need to start encouraging ourselves to love oursleves and to be proud of who we are. Leaving the country doesn not mean "traitor". but the idea is, not to totally abandon it. this is a long issue and what is funny is i am currently working on some of my ideas in more deapth, but am still not finished. there is soooo much to say. but i guess enough said here. I am a dual national, zaman i used to brag about being British, now, as i grew up, i do not brag anymore, actually, i have grown so fond of my country (i have reasons, but too many to mention here too). Please People, diregard the negative aspects of the governing sectors, we must try to encourage one another to look at the bright side, if non, then help create one. We must be hand in hand, feel, heart for heart, help, care, provide... WE CAN... TRUST ME WE CAN

free soul said...

dallula, what you say is very nice , really!

I hope people start to think that way, I am afraid many of us still believe in the individual benefit:(

I hope like you that egypt moves forward not backward, but this needs a general wake up not just a few

leaving egypt is not in most case a shame as many times man find himself in a situation that force him to leave, but as you said , he shouldn't get disconnected from egypt, I know many friends, live or were born in the USA but they love egypt, they formed an organization to help egypt as much as possible even from their place, so they make services that may seem small for us but of great importance actually, like they made me a great favour by getting me some electronic components needed from the usa, and sent it to me, just because i am an egyptian and need it badly in the project.

Being separated from your homeland is not by distance on the ground but by distance we put in our minds I guess

welcome back in my blog :)