Thursday, June 02, 2005


3 years ago, after I attended a lab in the faculty, I got a phone call.

I remember I sat aside with many black thoughts, many memories

The dark cold winter nights, while I am moving quickly hand in hand with my grandfather to catch up with “el 3eeshaa prayer”, I hear “el ekaamaa” and I say in a weak voice: “we won’t catch up!!”
He says with trust: we will.

I say again: let’s go to this mosque, it is nearer!

He replies with full trust: no, we will go to the far one, to get the “thawaap ta3meer el masged”.

His hand holding my hand while we move, his soft directions on how el “wodoo2” and how to pray

Another picture come to my mind, while he waits for my return after I went with my uncle, he shouts in the face of my uncle because we are late (like usual) and my mom wants to leave

The family meetings with him in the middle!

3 years ago, I got a phone call from my brother telling me my grandfather passed a way quietly, he wasn’t sick and he didn’t complain about anything, he just left.

Many things I can tell you to understand how great that man was, lived without a single self wish and made all the people around him happy.
But whenever I remember him, I remember those cold winter nights with us moving quickly, hand in hand, together

God gather us soon I wish, in heaven.

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