Saturday, April 23, 2005

Back to life, wounded!!!

Earlier today, I had a real death experience for the first time in my life!!!

I was hit by a car moving fast on the right side of the street, I was hit severely that the car kept pushing me for about 5 or 6 meters before I fell on front of the wheels, when god made another miracle to save my life and gave me the power and mind to jump to the side of the street away from the wheels at the last moment before the wheels hit my head!!

It is a strong experience to be that close to death, which open your eyes on many things, among them how good the Egyptians are when the man stopped and kept apologizing to me until I got up and left!!

Kidding of course, the man just hit and run!! The fault was all his and he didn’t pay a moment to see if the wounded man is even still alive, he had more than 4 passengers with him in the car, neither of them did anything to make him stop !!

May be I was very near to death, but my wounds finally –after going to the hospital- turned out not to be severe at all, but one wound is really severe, it is the one in my soul when I saw that man running and leaving without a word!

I don’t want to look pessimistic, so I have to admit that another man ran after the car, got me its number, 4 men helped me up, kept with me until I finally declared I was alright and can go.

I was born on 29/9/1983 but today 23/4/2005, a new life has been given to me by god, I think this should have a strong reason and a meaning especially after the decisions I took few weeks ago!!

I will tell you later about the accident experience :-)


KL said...

Woow! how could still jump away from the car even after being hit and pushed for 5/6 mintues. That's quite incredible. Hope you are feeling better now and wish you a speedy recovery.

KL said...

Hey, you have a nice blog. Will come again to read all the other entries.

free soul said...

It kept pushing me for 6 METERs or more, not minutes of course, or i will be cartainly in heaven now!!

what helped me is that I have fallen on my knees , and I am a tall guy, that made my back to the car so it pushed me on front of it rather than running over me!

throwing myself away from the wheels was an act of god, I still can't figure out how did I do it in time!

free soul said...

Thanks for the visit, You are very welcome to come and post anytime :-)

Sylvana said...

Yeah, not everyone is like that guy that hit you. It is too bad that there are so many like him though that you are actually surprised when someone does something nice for you.

LEMNA said...

Woowwww,really happy seein' nothin' serious has happened pal:)emmmm,try to see the truth.All kinds of people do exist,we cann be sad for them 'n their low thinkin'...we have to know that exist 'n if didnn,then we cann know good guys...:)

LEMNA said...

Donn mention whose you donn have to pal,they have grown up with that feelin's,you cann change them,they are the world's reality,so keep livin' happy by not mentionin' them or laughin' at their foolishness pal:)

Phantom of the Blog said...

OH MY GOD!! are u okay!!!!!!!!!!! i hope ur okay. salamtak

free soul said...

Thanks Norhan, I am fine now, and just today I returned to the faculty and gave my first section again , I still have a little pain when moving on my leg but that is all nothing compared with what might have happend, it is all because mercy of god !!

thanks again :-)

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

alf salama 3aleeh ya maged .. wallahi ma3reftesh abl el nahrda ... kont getlak wallahi .... we 3ala ay 7al ..

الضربة اللى متموتنيش , تقوينى

we rabbena yesabbarak 3la el ebtela2 .. Alf Salama ya bashaa