Friday, November 11, 2005

I am tagged again

Getting out of my cave to find out that many things has been going around, friends change, travel and leave and simetimes even get sick without me knowing a thing

I am so sorry all for the lonliness time I spent but I really needed to be with myself for a while, I kept posting here but I wasn't reading much

I am tagged again, so here I am, thanks to nour this time

7 things I want to do

1-meet all my friends at the same time
2-apologize to all those who I hurt all the time, but it is too late
3-return a kid, 12 years earlier would be great
4-round across Egypt and meet people, talk to the simple people
5-climb a mountain, I love open air and guess that would be interesting
6-leave everything to study religion for a while, from the conceptual side, I need to know god more and get more close to him, love him
7-start thinking about my future, I can’t see me in the future

7 things I can’t do

1- care for my appearance
2- hate a man
3- keep quiet in a talk about something I care for
4- concentrate on work for more than 10 minutes
5- stay in the same location for 5 seconds (I round all over the place I am in all the time)
6- have a think-less sleep
7- take a decision when it deals with a fight between my heart and my mind (50%-50% relationship)

7 things I say all the time

1- What is up?
2- Whatever
3- Who cares
4- I am bored to death
5- That is life!!
6- And so??
7- “bos ya sidi/bosi ya siti” in English, Look Mr/Miss
8- okkkzzzzzzz

7 people I want to tag them

1- Lemna (where did you disappear?)
2- Zainab
3- Phantom of the blog
4- Most of the others already did, so whoever pass by and care to do, you are welcome


Zeinobia said...

I want to make the 7 things you want to do so much ,especailly going back in time to be kid but not a 12 years old but a 5 years old
I want to go back and study back religion , I began to go closer this year to it then life took me it and I want to go back to it

free soul said...

A 5 years old :) !!!!

I don't remember a thing from that time :)

I said i want to be back 12 hours, this makes me a 10 years old kid, the golden age of primary school, full of life and love, full of power and innocense and most important, not knowing what is waiting for me :)