Thursday, November 17, 2005

strange moment

2 days ago I was leaving work -inside the university- it was 1 AM and you should imagine how does it look at that hour

things were so calm, so pure and so innocent, you could hear your breath and see the air moving around you, few dogs voices from somewhere far away that looks like they come from another world

have you ever seen the unviersity without students ??? It is much different and much beautiful!!
yes, may be i am one of the persons that hate crowds and sure i admit that but that is not the poing, in the morning i wonder, if we have all those students in the university, how could we fail in all subjects in life!!! if we even have 1% of them really working, we will be of the best nations!!

Ok, besides, you can imagine the activities those students do all the time, sure there is a big idological gap between the university and the faculty of engineering placed across the street on the other side, the few meters carry in them a huge gap of different ideas and a complete different way of life

just a good idea, try entering the university late at night, sure if they let you pass you will find it an interesting experience :)


Eman M said...

really nice

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

"have you ever seen the unviersity without students ??? It is much different and much beautiful!!"

i beg to differ ya free soul.. i hate collage when its empty
bas tell you seomthing, i had once to stay till 11 pm for some lectures..
and just walking beside my dof3a under the full moon, i felt i am the happiest on earth

you are right, collage is so peacful and beautiful at night... but more beautiful when you have people to share the beauty with you :)

free soul said...

Eman, thanks :)

Lasto, the university from the inside is so beautiful, the buildings and the gardens are very well organized and so beautiful, just watch it in the morning, it is so crowded that you can't see a single meter of the garden without legs and arms of guys sitting on it, it is so noisy with southands of talks, it is so dirty with people throwing papers and empty cans everywhere, you must take care all the time while moving not to hit with the crowds moving everywhere, it is like a big circuss that is eating all the beauty of the place

at night, you have the ability and the chance to see this beauty and appreciate it, sure if you have a friend beside you to share the moment, it will look more pretty, but just when it is empty of those crowds they throw in every year :)