Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mind the dark spot

It is always there somewhere deep inside…
Somewhere in your heart in the place where light fear to get near, where light can’t breath, where just the screams of light can be heard

You think you keep your monsters there but that is nonsense, they go there by their own choice, they grow there finding the silence and coolness they need. They wait in patience… they are always patient
You think light don’t enter there? Oh yeah, that is what you can see from where you are… it is not that way at all

Light does go there man, it just can’t get out, it is trapped in there, absorbed
Your monsters inside feed on it, they eat all lights in your heart, they eat hope, faith, love… they eat life
Trying to know yourself? Isn’t your heart wide enough that you still need to go there? Do you still think you will find peace if you get to know your monsters… remember they are YOUR MONSTERS!!

Try to keep away from this dark place, don’t be a fool and try to explore it, mind that or you will lose all the light left inside and you may be absorbed there to sink deeply between the monsters of this spot, the dark spot in your heart


Masreya said...

what's ur point..?

free soul said...

if you fall in the bad side in you, you may be unable to survive it out any more, you may sink inside in an endless story

the only way to escape a sad memory is to go for the bright sides left in life, to the light, but if you keep wondering in the dark side of your life, like that sad story, you will spend the rest of your life there having the pain as if it is still fresh

the dark side in the heart has a lot of pain and ugly things, the only way to make this point smaller is to seek the light and try to live there as much as possible