Monday, November 28, 2005

I am leaving

Dear friends;

Let me introduce you, the solider Maged AKA freesoul :(

I joined the army, of course I don't want to but that is how things go

few days from now I will know if I will be a soldier or an officer, this will have a great effect on the service time either be 1 year for a soldier or 3 years for an officer!!

Pray for me, 3 years away from civilian life is too long for me, 1 year is already long enough, I don't know how will I do without the people I used to know, without the things I used to do, few weeks from now and I will leave to the army

Your friend all the time,

Free soul.


The Eyewitness said...

Maged this be one of the most useful experiences you will live in your life. It may be the most difficult, the hardest...all these staff. But still the most usefull one. Whatever it was 1 year or 3 years, go there with all your heart to live the moments life will offer you, whatever difficult they are, never escape from your feeling and pains in the service time...God be with you.

Mohamed said...

hey maked, my heart and soul are with you, i know how it feels, been there done that!

just take it easy and be sure public relations help! make good relations with your commanders and you'll get away with good vacations ;)

trust me pal

free soul said...

thanks both, it is hard to find support in this time, I know some friends knew but didn't talk to me, I know they feel sorry but they don't know what to say, and i do understand

what makes me really sorry is that the army represents hell for a man like me who is deeply in love with this country, this is a mess and means that the ones who love egypt can't afford being in the army to protect it, sure that is because of the conditions of the army and the things we see there

that is a sad fact yet it is a proven fact

Phantom of the Blog said...

i'll miss u!
u cant stay in contact at all?

free soul said...

I will miss you too phantom, I will miss all my friends and somehow i will miss the PC and the internet too :)

the first 45 days i will disappear completely, later I will know how often i will be back home, things are still so mysterious for me those days as we are still preparing to start

Anonymous said...

dear my old friend ;

i think you must be strong enough, all your friends will wait your return ,you will not miss any thing ,or you willn't be alone , take it like a journy and don't miss a different second in your life ,it will be a mysterious trial with negative points ,but take it like has a positive point i.e;

"i will be different"


FROGGY said...

i wish u all the best. i think sometimes being away from everything is a good thing to reconsider life, and time will pass anyway, the important is to benefit from it in the best possible way. and who knows, u might discover new things, have new friends, have a different experience.

Masreya said...

tab3an alby ma3ak wallahy...but i ll borrow ur words "see the bright side of the thing"..which is u'll a have lots to talk about when ur back...nah!!
maybe u'll also have brand new thoughts 2 discuss..
though i ve been on ur blog 4 too short but i ll miss u wallahy..

Phantom of the Blog said...

can u write letters?

free soul said...

Ahmed, call me man, I still have my home phone, remember? ??

Froggy, that is a long distance wish :D, do you think it will arrive in time ? :)

Ok, i am not that sad now, I accepted my destiney as one of the few representatives of engineers in the army

Masreya, I will not die :) , I will keep posting from time to time, but take my word, this is not the experience i can write about, if i do, i will go to prison and this will be another experience i guess :(

free soul said...

phantom, we will not lose our contact, don't worry, just don't ask me about anything related to military not to cause me troubles :)

about the blog, in the meanwhile i may stop blogging or reduce my activity to the minimum with restirictions on the topics, freedom can't be complete when you are tied with military laws you know

Nour said...

Take care ya Maged b2a..

We'll miss u :)

Anyhow, try 2 b around as much as u can..

Yalla fi 7efz Illah :)

Zeinobia said...

Maged my dear friend a.k.a freesoul ,I will miss you
oh boy two of my blogger friends are going to the army ,you and another dear friend from MSN spaces
and both of you unique , someone with your thinking and the other one is IT Guru
There will be an empty space for sure
I wish two wishes that the army will have a real benefit from someone with your thinking and the other wish that the army life doesn't kill your free soul ,in fact I believe the army need a real free soul
won't say more but I will repeat what Nour said
Fi 7efz Allah :)

free soul said...

zainab & nour, many thanks for the good wish :)

I will try to be around as much as possible but it will be very hard in the firs period, things will be more clear later

As a news update, I will leave my work at 1/1/2006 to prepare to get to the army

See you