Friday, November 18, 2005

The choice 1

In a previous post I gave a question that I admit was so vague and so general, somehow mysterious too, but I couldn’t find a better way to give it without revealing the meaning behind which could blow all what I wanted to do away

The question looked so simple; will you support the devil if he goes for what you believe in? So simple from the outside but it trigger a very big conflict in the inside, will you support the right things with the wrong people?

As a historical fact, many times the fear of being with the “bad side” made us –the Egyptians – act in the wrong direction trying to be distinct from those “bad people”, somehow it started to be in our heritage to do so, we want to deny any relation to bad people believing that they represent nothing but pure evil.

There is no pure evil in life, which is why when we go that way; we will mostly make the mistake of avoiding doing the right in order to stay out of suspicion to be with the evil side

I tried hard to get any direct answers, but mostly failed, I noticed that the blog got many visits after I posted this question but without answers on it, my friends tried to escape giving a direct answer even after explaining more the question (I mean here my direct friends that I meet everyday and know me well) and day by day I got with one conclusion, from the simple watching and talking with people you can know things you can’t know from questions like the one I gave as they will always run away from it yet they can’t escape their acts in life

Now it is time for the story:

Location: Giza, Egypt, somewhere near the pyramids

Time: August 1894

The story:

The slave era was just ending; Egyptian government made a decision to cancel slavery and made a special police dept for this purpose, the punishment was so hard in case you are caught selling or buying slaves

At this time the Egyptian council wanted to end the mission of the new police dept claiming that it costs a lot while the Egyptians are not mature enough and they don’t think to buy or sell slaves

Few months from this talk in the Egyptian council –which had no real authority at that time and apparently not at this current time either- a big case was unrevealed!!!

3 of the council members and a very famous doctor from a very high reputation family where caught for buying six Sudanese women as slaves, they admitted the crime thinking that there position in the community will protect them, we don’t here need to mention that they slavery canceling police was the one responsible for catching them, the director was a British officer

up to now you must be asking, what could possible be connecting that to my question, the connection in the behavior of the Egyptians, the very well educated writers in this subject, we see many writers wrote to protect the criminals, they claimed they did nothing wrong, they even claimed that “buying a slave from a rich man helps him and save his life!!”, they were giving excuses for the crime, they even claimed that they shouldn’t be in jail like common criminals and that they must be treated in a different way, remember that they admitted the crime, yet the newspapers kept on defending them!!!

Why did they do it? I suppose they hate against the British occupation made them support anything to stay away from supporting any act from the occupation! they supported the crime knowing it is a crime

A similar story happened about 1874 from the Egyptian pop kerles the fifth; I may tell you this story later!!

The story repeats its self everyday, see that many of us try to find excuses for what the terrorists do in Iraq just because they hate the American occupation; they support evil and shut their eyes and minds from what happen just to stay with the side they like

Now can you have a moment to ask your self this question; have you ever done the same on any scale?

To be continued


Zeinobia said...

You got point here
El-3and el-Masri you may call it and there is other provbe Egyptian I remember about this 3and but as Polite Egyptian girl I won't say it
well for Iraq I guess it is different for me for example I am against the Zaraqwi and all this bloody circus in Iraq , yet my Conspiracy theory mind believes that the american army itself is behind all these bloody attack , Zaraqwi it is just like Boggy man , who got the last benefit from this miserable situation in Iraq ? the American adminstration
I will be happy if the Iraqi stood together like the Lebanese in liberating the South but divide conquer policy seemed to be working as Charm there
anyway back to our topic ,I believe exactly as I posted before I must know why the devil or let's just say the Evil or dark forces support me I must calculate the risk
you know I believe that the U.S is playing its game on this way of thinking
you see Osama bin Laden hates the U.S ,goes and let his boys do 9/11, people in Arab world are happy with him , the friend of my enemy is my enemy and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and in just few days ,I swear I heard while I was in auditorium in lecture and behind me two boys in 2001 one of them saying I wish I was like Bin Laden!!!!!
People looked to Bin Laden as hero despite all the harm he gave to the Muslims
another example and it is from Egyptian folkore ,I heard last thursday from Salah Eissa in Dream TV2 about Adham El-Sharaowy ,the Egyptian version of Robin Hood, Egyptians considered him as hero while he was a thief why? because he gave hard time to the authorities back then
I believe supporting the bad or in other words the enemy of my enemy is not successful all the time ,also this kind of weak thinking from weak people and we are already weak people from the gulf to the ocean
this topic is very interesting

free soul said...

hmm, I think that "el 3end" is part of the problem, but not all of it, the lack of the choice is sometimes a big deal of the problem, check the arabic blog to see what salah esa said about a similar thing

about the purpose of what they do, let me explain the purpose they arrested those men back in 1894, those guys wanted to cancel the slaves police, the british considered that a big threat for their power in egypt so they did it, now if i were there at that time, i wouldn't care for a single moment for those guys because they never worked for the good of anyone but their own, they all the time applied what they believe good for them and forgot the people and up to now i guess, moreover, their voice was worthless at that time as they were made members by the occupation its self!!!

Dalulla said...

the problem in my opinion is not in the Egyptians in particular, it is a human flaw which happens in many societies. Take the American Govetnment's support of Israel for instance and their continuous funding of The israeli army...

This does not mean people should generalize and say we hate America.

The main problem is blind hatred. Uneducation and not having general information, blindly following without thought and more.

Remember my post about the Jews calling for differentiantion between Jews and Zionists? It is more or less the same problem. WE cannot generalize.

What the journlists did in your historical incident was definitely not right. As a matter of fact, sometimes acknowledging something good even if done by your enemy is a point of strength and self respect and gives no choice for the other party but to respect you and even if not, then at least you have done what is right Religiously, morally and ethically.

What is happening in Iraq is totally absurd and wrong, moreover it gives Arabs and Moslems a bad image since again they are using the banner of Islam to cover up what they are doing, when Islam is totally innocent from their doings and totally negates it.

free soul said...

dalulla, you are right, it is widespread and we may see it very clear in the case of arabs just because we are having much large events now blowing on the area that is why we see clearly now who generalize and follow "entities" blindily and who follow "concepts" wherever they are located

I hope we all finally drop this blind loyalty and start being loyal to the truth, to our concepts wherever they are located, no more sacred entities in this life, all what is left is following what we believe orders of god and the best for human race