Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Simple question

If the devil stood in the side of something you believe right, what shall you do?

1- support him for the sake of what you believe in
2- stand against him even if you know you will support something bad
3- do nothing and watch the result

HMMM ??? what do you think ?

I will explain later why I asked you this question, I will give you a very nice story from history to clarify what I mean :)


Nour said...

U r tagged :)


Zeinobia said...

this riddle makes me think alot

Zeinobia said...

sorry for double commenting ,it isnot a riddle but it is simple from outside ,difficult from inside
I guess the answer depends on what benefit the devil is going to take from me
from religious point of view ,the devil is our enemy who hates us and will do all to harm us ,so if he stands beside me to support me in some case ,then there some hidden benefit that surely will be against me
so I must know why and what is this benefit/harm and calculate the risk

free soul said...

Ok, on behalf of the devil I will give you two situation and ask you to reconsider and tell me what you will do

1- You can't know what is the devil's benfit

2- you know that this will be a step for the devil to get some benfit of huge risk to you, the possibility that you can let him do the "good act" now and stop him later is unknown

What do you think ?? :)

FROGGY said...

it is more and more difficult.. lol
i believe that when i'm convinced of something i have to support it till the end or till discovering i was thinking wrong.
so it all depends on our perspective of right and wrong, and on our principles.
who defined that it is the devil beside this? and we always have priorities or different degrees.
just to explain more my point of view, i think that war is a bad thing and a bad choice and against it completely. will i fight for my country or no cos against my principle? my principle too is to defend the right, so maybe if there is no other choice then the war then yes i'll agree with it. so applying this, we can change our support depending on the new situation, even people change with time and things they didn't support at a certain moment, they can do it later (and doing it or not is not doing something right or wrong).
i hope i was a little clear, i know i didn't give a forward answer but at the same time the question is so vague :).

free soul said...

I know the question looks so odd, but I had to make it that way not to affect the thinking of anyone who read it to give a pre-defined answer that suit me, i wanted the answer that come from the general idea only

making it the devil was to indicate that you know for sure that this [person/side] is evil and to check that you can support your ideas even if this means to work [with/on the same course with] evil side, it is rare to find someone that can handle that especially here in egypt where we value personal emotions more than principles, we hate devil then we won't follow him, that is how easy it goes here

I will post the story when I return from work, it is old in the start of the previous century here in egypt :)