Saturday, November 05, 2005

Few hours from now

Few hours from now, I will be in the test for military service, I suppose I should be tense and sad but actually I have a very high mood :)

Although I never experienced military life, I know i will hate it from the first look, I do hate to be tied up with things, I hate to follow stupid orders and sure I hate to follow anyone, I love to be me, away from all regulations and breaking all the codes, unfortunately, I can't live like that in the army

Will they take me? will they leave me? I just know onething, I didn't make any step to count with the possibility of me joinging the army, I built all my life on top of the theory that i will be free after the tests end, that i will never join the army, do i look stupid ?

lestining to dalida at the moment, many optimistic songs for her may be the reason of the good mood, being well prepared for tomorrow may be the reason while i don't know how to be prepared for such a thing :)

Ok, I will talk to you later when i return with the news


change destiny said...

Well , you are gonna find this rediculous . But sometimes i wish i could join the army . It seems to me that the only way i'd learn to follow orders is if i was forced to . I hate being tied up . That's not such a great thing . Because i never do what they say is best for me . Still I'm quite satisfied with living my life the way i do . A little bit of chaeotic but i usually get by just fine .
About the army , even if you do get accepted , they can take away the freedom of your hands but never of your soul .

free soul said...

when it comes to feelings, nothing is rediculous at all

it is just hard for you to imagine what is in there, i spent one day there and i can assure you, it is completely different from whatever you imagine

IF military service was about following orders, i wouldn't have a problem with it at all, it has many bad sides that can't be told on the internet, things i saw, things i know and things i wish i never meet

Ok, I know my answer seems mysterious, but just ask those who went to the medical test yesterday and they may tell you why :)