Saturday, December 03, 2005

Noisy people, enough now!!

Walking throw the streets in Egypt is turning into living hell every day, in the 30 mins you take to reach your destination you must notice the pollution that people can’t notice any more because they got used to it, the sound pollution, 30 min in the rush hour today was enough to derive me really crazy !!

One of the things that always drive my relatives crazy out of me is that I never attend a marriage, I hate noise and can’t stand it so I come for 5 mins but when they search for me they just find out I am gone

You know, somehow we have that in our heritage, we are noisy when we are happy and noisy when we are sad, historically, in a marriage they used drums and in funerals they used special purpose women used to weep on the dead with high voices!!

Now all you need is to watch out while you are in a taxi or a public transportation and see the horrible frequent use of noise in horns and in the driver own voice all the time, oh boy how can they bear all that!!

It must be time to stop it, if the government don’t want to act like usual, we still can do that or even move a little against this horrible pollution, act now as an individual and never wait, in your car minimize the use of your car horn and in public transportation urge them to stop using it as much as possible or reduce their for it, it is unacceptable to live in this horrible noise all the time!!

People, how do you sleep in this noise?? How can you work or even breath in this noise, that is too much, really too much!


Zeinobia said...

We are noisy people not only as Egyptians but as Arabs ,it is in our culture
the best quiet time in Cairo is the breakfast time in Ramadan and after it with one hour when the people just finish their meal ,this is golden time
already I wish to live in a quiet coastal area like in red sea or sinai or even Matrouh "not the town "
take my word as I attend weddings:Quiet weddings are boring yet noisy all dancing weddings are ridiclous "already invited to one after couple of weeks "

free soul said...

the problem is, you seem when you talk about this noise like a creature coming from space, like you don't belog here or you are saying nonsense and hurting their feelings!!!

ensana said...

Noise is the air they breath.. what are you talking about!!!!!