Friday, June 10, 2005


22 years of my life passed so quick that I can’t believe I won’t have to get up tomorrow to go to school!!

22 years I can’t think of any good use of them but one thing, my friends

I think now, after all that time ,of all the friends I had, and all the friends I lost, and I want to tell them all , wherever you are , and whatever the distance between us, I will always remember you and love you, you made me what I am and I can’t ever forget you, I really love you all

I remember here, ahmed gasser, my close friend, we spent 3 years together before he left school, we were like one person, understand each other without the need to speak, I met him 4 years later and spent a day like a dream together before he leaves again, and never had the chance to see him since then

I remember eslam, ahmed helmy, remon, mohammed samir my group in my childhood , I spent wonderful years with them, they are very kind guys, the only one I am still meeting from time to time (just by chance) is ahmed helmy

Mohammed abd el naby, the fun missile that never stop, I remember how we used to draw our teachers mad together, especially the old teach of English, we used to make her go red but she was kind and never had hard feelings to us

Ihab, and the nice few months I spent as vice director for the library of the club, he was my manager, and my friend , we went together in many trips, great days were they

Hala, hoda, mo3taz, ramy, same7, the big group of us in mubarak public library, I spent there 4 years, I had good relations with almost everyone, and had many friend of the supervisors like Mr. ala2 and miss shereen, we used to get the answers of all competition from them, so that we win them all (hoda was responsible for the cheating process)!!

Hala had a very strong and pure voice, I remember how she used to interrupt our meetings with a song to make the director of the play mad (the song was 3ala baly for 3ayda el ayooby), but we all loved her, Hoda was a very active person, but most of the time the language was her problem, she wasn’t good at all in Arabic and most of the time was speaking in French.

In my secondary school, ahmed fathy, tamer, hany (the houman secret weapon that can make you laugh to death), my friend ahmed (who died 2 years ago, mercy be upon his soul), ahmed gom3aa, and many others that I can’t remember their names now, we were a very big group, 3 years of freedom and life that can’t be described in a single book!!

And in the faculty, maged salah, the first I met in the faculty, kareem maysour, fadl, kamal magdy, kamal saad, eslam helmy, eslam kamal, ahmed, tamer, fayed, eyad, 3amar, 3anan (I have a fight with him, remind me to go and end it), ahmed moustafa, ahmed abd el rehem, mohammed abd el rahman, ahmed el said (he is an old friend from school days and lives 2 blocks away)

I had many friend of my teachers too, especially Mohammed yousef, the best teacher I ever had, laila el shar2awy, the sweetest and most simple girl I ever met, always helpful with a smile like a small sweet rose, may maher, the young but sounds like an old wise teacher, has a very kind heart and we started to know each other after a small fight!!

Many many others who I all loved all the time, I remember the 4 days we spent after the first day in the faculty in the north coast, amazing!!

I check the pics we took together while we were having a small party in the villa of fadl 3 years ago, and I feel sad cause I know things like that won’t be much possible anymore

That is a very long post indeed but as you see, I have many friends, I tell them all, I love you all, even if I didn’t mention you by name, I even saved 2 or 3 names for myself as they are too much to be described, especially the only one I loved and the 2 friends of my life (hazem & sito).

Thanks all, you made me different, you made me what I am

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