Monday, June 06, 2005

Scary but real

Hmm, this story is real, that is all I can say, and I have no explanation for it

In one of the military camps in Egypt, in the desert and late at night, a solider got so thirsty; he went to the bath to drink where he found another solider

He step beside him, feeling good to find someone else in this dark not to be alone and he started to drink, when he finished he said: "ooh, I was so much thirsty"

the other solider beside him said while turning : "I have been thirsty since 1967" and when he turned the solider could see he had a burnt face, like the effect of napalm , you can say he had no face at all !!


Dalulla said...

Yeah it is scary...but where did u hear this story?

free soul said...

it is scary and so strange, you can say that I myself can't fully believe it but....

My brother had his service there when things happened :D