Sunday, June 19, 2005

Me, Me, & me

Let me introduce you to the three of us, me, me & me!!

This looks so much like schizophrenia, I know, may be it is but listen to me first, you may change your mind

The first one is my mind, he is the strongest and the loud voice in this company, he is most of the time in control of things and here lies the problem

The second one is my heart, he is the very small voice but effective in my life, without the strong look of the mind, it draws me to the place it wants step by step slowly

The heart and the mind can never agree to a decision, they will all the time have conflicts together, here comes the rule of the third person, it is the soul

The soul is all the things that are born with you, not inside you, things that came with you to life naturally, no masks of life has ever covered it by any means, it represents your nature and your real identity as a human, yet it doesn’t represent your actions

I am composed of three human beings, one very reasonable, the other very romantic, the third very me, the question is, who takes the decision in your life and represent your personality?

I believe we are all composed of those three persons, but with different percentages, some make the mind the most important part, they don’t give any care for their hearts and their natural identity in the decisions, some care more for the heart, and some live life as it come to and as they feel without much care for both, and all the three are wrong

If you all the time forget your heart from your calculations, you can’t be happy as its voice will be weaker by time until it finally vanishes and you will have a hard dry life with no space for love

In all your decisions you need to make a good compromise between the three of them, trying to make them as much convinced as possible, sometimes one of them will complain and you can’t do a thing about it, but you have to go on

I used to talk to the three persons inside me, try to know what they want and what they need, try to discover the nature of each one all that trying to reach peace inside my heart


Steliano Ponticos said...

wallahi ya free soul I don't know your real name, I would have put it of course, you were the first visitor ever to my blog.

Steliano Ponticos said...

I think I am schizo just like you :)

Steliano Ponticos said...

Man I'm so dumb..its written write on the top of your blog and I didn't see..I will put it tomorrow.

free soul said...

man, I like to be known as freesoul, names doesn't count

by the way, do you have fights with your self like the ones I have or is it just me ?

Steliano Ponticos said...

Your name is there. I do have fights with myself, this is because I don't take all my decisions myself, there are also decision that are taken for me and I have to live with.

BaVaLoVa said...

3ala fekra enta tamenteny en mesh ana el wa7eeda elly ba3od afakar fel 7agat el 3`areeba di le7ad ma 2arabt atganen

free soul said...

men el na7ia de ya bavalova, be very sure, the place is full of mad persons here

It seems like a common desease in our faculty :D

welcome here, I think this is the first to come here , right ? hope then it is not the last

BaVaLoVa said...

it wasn`t my 1st time and it won`t be the last isa. but i don`t comment coz i can`t find my words easily, so it is hard to express myself.

free soul said...

you are all the time welcome here :)