Sunday, June 19, 2005

need to hear your comments

Hi all,

Tonight, I had my pervious post, a journey home, being discussed online on the radio.

I actually didn't expect that, and I even couldn't have the time to call and participate on the discussion online, that is because this is the first thing I ever wrote in english-and the last-so I never expected it to be the chosed one for the discussion, and expected one of the arabic stuff

I published it here a few days ago, I want to hear your opinions, should I keep writting in english or arabic or leave both :) and what you think about it ?


shop girl said...

Hi free soul, i really think u should write in both English and Arabic! to be honest i dont read much ur arabic writings but i really enjoy reading ur English ones and as for the post u mentioned i liked it a lot. Keep up the good work man!

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

free soul.. i am actually in a hurry 4 the exam..
but i wanted to tell ya b4 i go..
didnt i tell u.. ur work will b discussed very soon..
n u even reseved all positive comments..
if u didnt hear.. i might send it to u.. i did record the episode ;)

n sorry 4 the numbers bit :((( .. i just discovered ur email today !!

yalla good luck isA nxt time..
n um gona send u all the needed details soon isA.......
salamati ;)

free soul said...

lasto adri, hope you finish your exams soon and my best wishes for you in all your exams

ok, when you have time plzzzzzzzzzz send me the episode as I missed many parts of it , I will be sooooooo grateful

thanks again for the kind words :)


free soul said...

shop girl, enty daimaaa raf3aa ma3naweyaatee :)

your opinion in this piece was the the only reason to post it actually :)

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

e7m ... 3ala fekra ana mish fahem 7aga .. momken tefahemny berra7a ya free soul ? - ento betetkalemo 3an eh yabny enta we heya heya !!

free soul said...

ahmed, enta feen yabni, el masharee3 nasetak eshabak walla eeh ??

we feen el sorteen el yotama beto3na yabni ??

ok, we are talking about a program on the radio where they choose some of the stuff written and discuss it each sunday, last sunday they were duscussing the text I wrote here titeled "a journey home" , I wasn't home so I couldn't call the radio station to be in the discussion , so I am very glad that lasto adri recorded it :)

FROGGY said...

well, about writing in english or in arabic, it doesn't matter the language, what matters is to express as best as we can what we feel and to share it with people even if in hyreoglyphs (but nobody will understand it).

what about this program? at which station is it and what time?
excuse me but it has been a long time since i was listening to radio programs... back to the old days.

free soul said...

froggy, hi, how is graduation project ?

hmm, you are right, the problem is I have zeor self trust after 5 years of putting my mind on the stand by, I am not used to hold the pen and write :(

about the radio channel it is 95.4 fm and its website is :

I actually started to listen to it after lasto adri told me, and the first time I spent about 20 mins trying to find the radio then trying to tune the freq, It was about 4 years since I last used this invention :)

free soul said...

I used to study Hieroglyphics in the past, I had a huge book to teach hierog (english-hierog), I used to work on that until I became able to read the simple text on the tombs, that was about 9 years ago, I don't remember a single character now :(

FROGGY said...

hi free soul, i guess u know how is it going, the graduation project, no need to say.
wow, u learned to read hielogryphs, i just know few letters. do u know that i was thinking to study archeology? but still i hope i can take course about ancient history and that stuff, well, it will be one of my plans later, i hope.

free soul said...

if you really want to, I can help, I got tons of treasures in my library about archeology, I will continue reading them too after I finish :)

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

free soul.. check ur email tomorrow night isA.. i'll send u wht she said but written.. ma3lesh matz3alsh.. bas i discovered the jack baz :D

but i'll try to keep the record untill i'd solve that problem...

goooo on free soul..

free soul said...

thanks lasto, ana hat3ebek ma3aya :)

I hope I take my freedom soon (13 july) so I can make new updates in here as I am so busy those days with the work in the project :(