Thursday, June 02, 2005

A journey to home

I am going home now, are you coming? I guess not!!!

Yes!! Strange! OK, just follow me then.

Here we are just a few miles from my city, can you see it?

No? It is the one beneath the smokes out there.

Just don’t be scared if you see dead bodies around the corners, aah, that is normal here!

OK, just now don’t be panicked if you see melting corpse in the middle of the street, oh no plzzzzzzz, don’t check the face, this one may be someone you know!!

Where is my house? It is right there, or say was there in the place of those rocks

Now let me introduce you to my family, a dead father, mother still under the rocks, no chance to pick them out yet!
My brothers? They are all gone in the fight and bombing, sorry I know you never had the chance to meet them

My fiancĂ©e? Hmm, can we just change the subject? OK, she is the last to follow them, couldn’t catch up to bring her out!!

Now you must be wondering, why am I here after all?

I just guess I need to bury their bodies and rest a while in here

In my home!!!

[Dedication for everyone who lost family, country, home...]


Steliano Ponticos said...

Free soul I just want to thank you for coming during my exams I just finished today and will be back to enjoy your great blog:)

shop girl said...

I liked this post a lot free soul, i bet u're inspired during exams more than any other time ;) dont we all!

free soul said...

steliano, you have been so active during the days i was having exams, it took me long to read your posts, but like usuall they deserve spending the time :D

shop girl, thanks for coming back, exams has different feeling indeed, I agree with you, may be because you want to think of anything other than the exam so your mind may reach things he can't reach normally, I spotted many bugs in the design of my graduation project in the exams time , the ideas just kept coming to my mind, I think inspiration is proportional to how much you feel sick of exams :D :D