Sunday, June 05, 2005

The 5th of june


Today, and same day each year, it is one of the saddest days in my life.

Today is the day of 1967 war, or say defeat!!

Today is the day the government of Egypt more than 38 years ago didn't give any care or importance to more than 100,000 solider of our parents, relatives and thrown them in the desert randomly without an air cover, ready weapons or even a plan to fight

Today is the day of souls that will never rest in peace, as long as we can't take their revenge.

Today is the day we remember what happened not to hate Jews, but to love Egypt.

Today is a sad day, especially if you find out that you forgot to remember such a day!!


R said...

I was suprised too that nobody got the reason of my today's post.

I just don't like to mix up "Jew" with "Israeli". It's important not to.

free soul said...

Hi dr. r and welcome here for the first time -hope it is not the last too-

yeah two points all the time heart me, the first is we forget such an important day as if nothing has ever took place, and this is totally unfair for the thousands who died in such a great day

the other is mixing up between jews and israel , this race discrimination I can never accept and I believe if we do such a thing then what difference will be between us and a man like sharon!!

welcome here, hope you like the place :D

FROGGY said...

Hi, i know it has been a while not being around, but u know better than anyone else what we r going through.. lol
i would like to add something else not related to this subject.
5th June is also the Environment Day.
i wish that people could remember this too cos it's important for our planet (i know big talking but it's the truth, if nobody cares about it then there's no future).

Dalulla said...

i agree with all of you, but i wanted to draw free soul's attention to something..Insha'allah those people died as martyrs (shuhada'A) so insha'Allah their souls are at peace..

Jews and Israelis are different things.. We must differentiate between the Israeli concept of e7telal and hating every one around them and the Jewish religion.. We must deal with people for who they are and what they do.. Some Jews are infact against the State of Israel.. One of the well known and acknwoledged priests (i can never pronounce that right..akha..something) was on al jazeera and completely attacked the idea of establishing a State for Jews.. He actually anounced that Israel is a dawla ded Allah!! It was comforting to know that someone is actually saying the truth so straight forward..

Anyway.. Also this environmental day issue should be taken seriously, especially here in our beloved country, and worldwide..

Great comments men!

free soul said...

froggy, Welcome back after all that time :)

know you have been busy, I think I am the only man who have time to stay here in exams time :D

ok, thinking about the human beings as a whole is always a good thing, actually, I am not that nationalistic, I just think of those soliders as humans and they should be remembered the right way

but actually I didn't see any thing on TV to tell it was environment day, so I didn't even remember :D it seems they forgot both !!

free soul said...


you are right, they are of course in peace, but I am sure they are not that proud of us :(

and I still believe it is their right , and their families right to be remembered in an apropriate way in such a day, they didn't give something less than what others gave in 1973, right ?

about the environment day, if we don't take care of our planet ,we won't have it soon enought or die by the smokes in here , I totally agree this is not a simple or small issue but we didn't give it the right size in the media here too

free soul said...

By the way of environment day,

When I came to live where I live now, the whole place around us was just small villas and green areas , gardens, fields with vegetables!!

Now, I can hardly breath of smokes coming from thousands of cars moving all the day, especially after they made that new "me7war" and put its start on front of my door, they even took a good place of the area we had on front of the house :( this area I used to play in while I was kid

ok, we are engineers, I think we should give a heart for mathematical calculations to account for such measures like history, love, environment and don't be stuck with stupid rules

FROGGY said...

about the advertising of the environment day, i saw something about it on TV. i don't remember which channel, but early mornings, my mom put the TV on to hear news and stuff like that, and as i get up early to study, i heard about it.
Also, today, i was in metro and i found an advertisment about that day in the metro stations. i think this is a positive step. i took a picture and i'll post it in my blog.

free soul said...

yeah, I saw the pic in your blog, although the advertisement is still weak but at least they made a step as you say, hope it is followed by some real steps in the real world by making the required regulations.

Do you know why Egypt is so remarked in the ceramic industry ?

because anywhere else , the regulations on such an industry that causes hight pollution, makes it so costy and not very profitable!!

but even that made me more sad as they didn't even make a similar step for the memory of 1967, I understand that they are ashamed of what happend but that is no good reason to deny their right to be at least remembered :(

I have relatives died in 1956 war,yemen war and my father was in the army in 1967 but he was lucky to be in cairo serving in the headquarters of the army!!