Thursday, April 14, 2005

The point of something

I have talked to you once before about the way I used to be in the last 4 years, I told you I was more like a dead man from being alive

4 months ago, I stayed home for about 14 successive days, I kept thinking, In many things , my life, my goals & what I have achieved from them , my heart, my opinions in different issues and actually I started to reconsider all of me again.

Man don’t have those kind of truth moments with himself much, and the effect of such moments is not simple, it was a drastic effect, when a man came into this operation, and another man came out of it

I won’t tell you that my behavior changed, but I changed internally, my way of thinking, my opinions, the way I deal with people and even the way I deal with my heart, all that changed in this period of time, for those who know me more, they may have noticed the changes in what I say, and how I say it.

That was the “point of something”, when I changed internally, but didn’t know what to do to apply the new changes to all my life, but it was just the beginning

5 days later, I attended lectures to Dr. Ahmed Abd El Rahmaan, one of the most respectable and beloved Dr's in college, and although his words may seem a little mysterious for others, I felt like he is talking to me, giving me just the key to apply the new changes.

People don’t change like magic, they has to go through the process that starts with the point of something, then to the practical start, then to the point when they see the way they took was right or wrong,

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