Thursday, April 21, 2005

"History could come true" [from a song for Celine Dion]

"Forget the past"

We hear that a lot here in Egypt, everyday we speak about opening a new page in our life and forgetting all about the past without thinking a moment: should we really forget the past?

What if the French studied the lesson well from their previous experience with Germany in the last world war, would they suffer for years under the Nazi control after a war with an old plan that was used in many wars before between them?

What if we learned the lesson from 1956 war, would we then have that massive defeat in 1967?

One of the comic things about Egypt is that up to few years ago, children used to learn in primary schools that the first president for Egypt after the revolution is Jamal Abd El Nasser!!!

Just like that, 2 years of the history of Egypt were erased!!

But why be astonished from that while our history proves that forgetting and changing history lives in our genomes, don’t we know now that the old pharos used to erase the names of the original kings from temples and put their own on it!!

Now let’s think again, should we really forget the past?

I think we should never forget the past, and we should never live in it, take the lesson and leave to the future, that is the way things work and that is the only way if you want to be successful, don’t you think so?

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