Thursday, March 31, 2005

The complete mess

They say that engineering means precise, at least they used to say so !!!

but that is not the fact in the land of nonsense, formerly known as faculty of engineering, Cairo university communication Dept.
the last year students don't know their exact time table 7 days before the exams !! Looks silly??
Actually it is more like 4 days before the exam ! You must be kidding ??
No , it is two days before the exam, what a tragedy we are having here , what a complete mess we are having here !!!!

So you can expect what was our reaction in the Dept, we all stood as one hand and didn't attend all the exams, we changed the time table and got an apology from the secretary of the Dept.

of course that is a dream !!! We don't even deserve to live !! We were cowards enough to say : no , they will not care for us, they will put hard exams, they will give us zero , blah blah blah ....

great people like .... And .... And .... Stood to defend the right of the prof to come and find his slaves -sorry I mean his students - waiting for him to give them the exam they just heard by mail -which in a previous poll turned out that some of us check it every week !!- heard about it just 2 days before the exam !!

A few good men tried to help, but even them were disappointed , they were ready to give up at the first point of no use , and they did

now , I suggest that we have both the two exams that is under consideration in the same day, Why not? I will have to study both of them anyway as I still don't know which one will I have next Saturday!!!

after all that we want to talk about Egypt, how to improve it , I believe we have the worst because we deserve it !!

god forgive them all, god help us in this mess

All students didn't know even what to do !!!

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Ahmad El-Saeed said...

Alf Mabrook 3ala el blog el geded ya 3am Maged ... Good Begining .... we Article gamed, ya reet el dof3a kollaha te2rah ...