Friday, April 22, 2005

Freedom fighter or terrorist?

Today, 7 Iraqis died.

What did I feel? Actually nothing special, it is just a number, isn’t it?

Everyday we hear and read about more and more kills, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and finally in Egypt, what is going on here?

Are those terrorists, or freedom fighters?

What makes terrorists different from freedom fighters?

I have been hearing a lot about the rightful reason for the resistance in Iraq, and that they are seeking their right for freedom from the Americans, but since when was terrorism without good reasonable reasons?

If you read along history you will find that behind all terrorism attacks, there was a case that in many cases was very reasonable!

The point is in the absence of the resistance culture, this culture that guides how you act and against whom.

I believe that resistance should be directed only to military forces, and even those who we are sure they work with occupation, they still have the right to have a good trial before we judge them

In 16/9/1931, a very good and reasonable man was hung by the hands of the occupation, he was a model on how to treat his enemies and how to treat his prisoners, and his name was “Omar El Mokhtar”!!!


free soul said...

they are 9 dead, more than 25 wounded:-(

what kind of madness is that!!!!

KL said...

Indians used to fight for their freedoms under British rule. They never attacked any British Civilians (and there were lots and lots of them). In fact, you would often find still now that any older British was born in India.

So, that's how I differentiate between a terrorist and a freedom fighter - which you have nicely mentioned in your blog. They should not attack civilians and fight only with the army.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Freedom fighters? it's a serious mistake to call those hairy apes in afghanistan who did such hurrible things to their own people are freedom fighters. The same thing goes to the brother-killers in Iraq.
It's really important to deal with this issues in a more responsible way, really.

free soul said...

Welcome my friend rodman,

Without going into any political details , any man who disregard the human life, hurt a child or the feeling of a child, hurt a civilian, can never be considered a freedom fighter, the problem is will my opinion be the same if those terrorists where from my country and used it against my enemy??

I mean our problem all the time is we can see the wrong when it is in someone else, but when it is in us we are blinded from the truth.

may god lead us to truth , give us the power to see it !!

hibbalicious said...

Hi just like to say your blog is great - I think its right for them to defend themselves in there own country - who will fight for the iraqis anyways - its not like they have there own army and the 'police force' that they have is trained by americans the very people who have occupied there land.
Even when the french where occupying Algeria they fought for there freedom.

Rodman - what makes you assume that everyone wants to live by western standards anyways? and brother killers in iraq how about naming the americans baby killer not just in iraq but in afghanistan in vietnam in sudan in somalia lol the list goes on and u call them brother killers - dude please open your eyes - america used to fund the taliban and osama bin laden when they where fighting soviet occupation in afghanistan so duh hello

free soul said...

Thanks friend,

You are right, the Iraqis have the right to resist, and you are right the Americans made terrible things everywhere, but the point was about how to resist!

Everyday my heart break more and more when I hear the news of operations in Iraq which leads to civilian injuries all the time, there are rules for resistance, I believe whoever exist in Iraq now, they are not applying it, that makes most of them -I am afraid to say so- more like terrorists when they don't care for the life of their own children.