Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stay or leave ???

After about 90 days from now, I will finish my study in the university and I am very confused about what I will be doing!!!

Mostly I won't have military service, or max I will serve for one year, the question is: what should I do then?

Should I stay in Egypt? Or join the rest of my family and leave??

I love Egypt, this place is my place and I am so much like a fish that can't leave Cairo, but nothing ties me to Egypt anymore, no more dreams, no more desires!!

I am not another fool that thinks Egypt is hell and any country else to be heaven, I know there will always be right and wrong, but here , I just see the wrong and I can't help it, I can't do anything and sometimes I feel like trapped

What keeps a man in his country?? Sometimes it is family, but most of my family are already scattered between 4 different countries that they couldn't have a meeting all together (I mean my brothers) since more than 5 years!!

My mind will kill me if I try to think about that anymore, should I leave or stay???
Will I be able to find a way to live in here and be happy?
Can anyone help me?
Can you?

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