Thursday, February 23, 2006

from the Cave- quick thoughts

From the cave I write, not because I feel like to write but because I feel like about to explode!!

I must tell you first about the most important cave rule which is:

No discussions with others in any topic of the problems under consideration, free your mind from being biased by any ideas or any preasure from any friend

i followed this rule yet i kept reading and sometimes writing few thoughts i have, without of course posting them or discussing them

Today I felt like broken completely, watching TV and realizing the amount of madness we have, the amount of evil we carry inside and imagining if I am making similar acts, a bad black view for unknown future

life is strange, sometimes you will have to stand against one of two, either your ethics or your nation, if you stand against your ethics they will never rest in you, they will follow you, accuse you of being fake and they will be right

but if you stand against your nation you will be accused guilty by their rules, they will consider you the devil himself and put you in the enemy side, you will try to point out the truth for them but they won't listen to you, at the end you will find your self... in the cave

one of my thoughts is about democracy, i don't claim that it is originally from my mind yet I must tell that democracy alone is not enought, people well is not all the time the right and honestly, i can tell that most of the time, the majority stand in the wrong side!!

the factor that correct this relations is the educated persons who guide the majority and convince them with what is right and what is wrong, socrates didn't believe in that, he believed that the majority must be governed by the minority of wise men and the normal majority shouldn't have any rule

yet this is a very theoritical solution, because all the times you will find those who pretend to be wise and guide the people to the wrong end, and they will fight you and accuse you, also the majority sometimes loose trust in the wise men, and stop listening to them or following them.

one of the problems is how to define the truth, some funny definition is that, it is the information you find acceptable, back it is related to your acceptance!!

I am not out of the cave yet, i just wanted to represent how sad I am, but i must tell you that in the meanwhile, and on another issue, i spotted many positive moves, real positive moves and i was pleased to see that after the wave of hate, another wave of wisdome is starting, slowly but at least it is starting


Sray said...

I dont believe in anything that divides people. Religion, nationality, race, ethnicity, all these helped relatively small bands of people to compete and form "cohesive" units in years long past. Now is the time to forget about these and behave as human beings, nothing more, and nothing less.

Sadly, as long as we let our base emotions take control of our human spirit, these terrible things will keep happening....

Zeinobia said...

some how I know how you feel because I am passing through similar thing
but believe me going out of the cave is the best solution

free soul said...

sray, my frined ,we were created different to enrich life not to kill life!!

we can't understand that being different is the main goal and rule of life

we are different to learn how to understand and accept differences between us

I believe each of us has an individual identiy, i believe we share a lot with each other but the most we should share and care for is our humanity, that will bring us together not move us apart

free soul said...


don't things look like a black comedy for you?? i watch TV, talk to people or read the news everyday and feel more bad, it is like a black power moving people mad, taeching them how to hate and how to kill without mercy

I am just trying to spend sometime thingking, is ethics wrong or is it us worng, or is it just not applicable in this life??

do we have to live mean to live right?