Wednesday, February 01, 2006


2 days ago I got my evaluation on the past 6 months, it wasn't so normal day because most of the others got their evaluations and I was delayed because my mentor wasn't free and had tons of things to do

ok, first of all, the evaluation was very nice and pleasant, it went well and didn't take more than 2 mins, I am not allowed to tell anything about it on public because it is confidential

the mark wasn't very high, according to the given explaination they couldn't give a very high mark because of the short time of our first evaluation, others are being evaluated on periods from 1 to 2 years and so they could get higher grades, they felt that is partially unfair but they can't judge us over 6 months and say that this person is super!!

another part was about some soft skills evaluation, how could they in this period estimate our communication skills or our cooperation with coworkers?

but finally the things that they couldn't evaluate us in was set with high grades to satisfy us, some of us were not satisfied by their evaluation but mine was more than fine for me, I even tend to under estimate myself somehow and that appeared clear in the evaluation discussion

one thing made me happy and sad at the same time, my mentor told me very good and nice words and he repeated that they still want me to complete with them somehow during my military service, or even after it, that made me happy to know that i did well and that those nice people really appreciate that, on the other side that made me feel sad because i will have to leave them!!

telling you a secret, I got a job while i am working here to start a new department in a meduim size software company, it was a very good opportunity with a very good payment and quicker promotions but I didn't agree, life in our company is different because you really feel like family their

the day they knew about the military thing many of my friends their came to comfort me, including my managers, I really appreciated that because they really helped me come over the dispair after knowing of the 3 years officer service thing

evaluation for me was like a mark on the road, i am happy the mark was positive and feel more eager to move on now

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Sameh Ragheb said...

That may be late, but it does not relate to the evaluation.
I just want to say "Always feel more eager to move on".