Saturday, February 04, 2006

From Moharam bek to Damascus

Today while watching TV I couldn’t prevent the deep depression that I felt, I understood the truth, it is the dark ages for Islam for sure!!

In the Middle Ages came the Dark Age for Christianity, when church controlled the community with the name of god and delayed humanity for a few centuries, now it is us playing this rule, even the same typical steps!!

Those who participated in this campaign against Denmark, are they happy now? Satisfied?
For one sin happened against them how many sins did they do in return?

1- they did hurt to many innocent people, a whole nation with the sin of a newspaper
2- They threatened them with many things including death!! Since when we are allowed in islam to terrorize innocent people!!
3- They destroyed and burned the embassy of two countries, where did the respect of messenger gone?? Did the prophet kill his enemy messenger? They were insulting islam day and night yet he never did any thing to the messenger that came from the enemy side (even if we assume that Danish nation is an enemy, which is not justified at all)

Three great sins in response two one sin, all directed in the wrong direction hurting innocent people for others crime!!

Let me raise some questions here, they deserve answers from those who participated in the campaign and they are proud of being part of the campaign

1- Do you think the Syrian gov was unable to protect the embassies? Why do you think they let them pass, reach two embassies and burn them!!!!
2- Do you think that the Egyptian gov is unaware that posters are hanged in the metro in cairo, since when was the gov letting similar thing?
3- Do you think that this is the first time for such an insult to happen to Prophet Mohammed? Nonsense and I was happy to find the proof at this place

It is a continuous war between terrorists from all the three sides, Jewish, Islamic and Christian, all the time trying to achieve as much insult as possible not caring for the sin they gain by that

4- Do you think we care that much for religion? Do we really apply orders of god and his prophet? How many times did you see a man in the street shouting and cursing against the religion and didn’t move?

Do you want to join evil? Join the crowds!!


Sray said...

I often wish we could find a remote island where we could put all these zealots and let them fight it out... so we can all live in peace and enjoy the little time we have on this beautiful Earth.

free soul said...

I am completely with you in this plan

yet where will you find an island big enought to contain 10 bilion human being??