Saturday, February 04, 2006

Denmark and prophet Mohamed

During the past few months’ things kept moving, boycotting and spreading mails until it reached a bomb threaten 2 or three days ago in the Danish embassy in Syria or Jordon (I don’t remember)

Can we slow down a moment and review our attitude in this issue?

1- How do the Europeans see Islam and Muslims now, don’t you think they regard us as terrorists?


2- Don’t you see everyday in the TVs killing and bombing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt, turkey, Europe and almost everywhere?


3- Don’t you think that moves them to believe we are terrorists?


4- What if a thief says you asked him to do this; won’t other people think you are a thief too?


5- What if those terrorists said that prophet Mohamed told them to do so, won’t foreigners by nature think he is the head of those terrorists?


People, wake up, there is no conspiracy here, there is just pure human reactions on the current situation

You also can’t say they should have investigated more before they act like that, that is not what normal humans do, they are not judges out there, they are humans affected by what they see and what they hear, Muslims didn’t correct this bad idea about them and they must pay for that

But let me ask you another question, if a man hit you and his son work at your shop, will you fire his son and make him and his wife and kids starve? as a Muslim we have a sacred rule “wa la tazer wazeraton wezr okhra” which means “no one carry another one’s guilt”, don’t you think that by boycotting all Denmark you punish all the people of this country not the newspaper, without any guilt done?

And what did you expect from the Danish government?

To punish the newspaper or close it?
That happens only in third world countries, not there!!

Those people respect free speech and there is really no limit for free speech, they forbid hatred speech too yet the government can’t have the authority to do anything, if you see this cartoons humiliating for you, go to court and with a fair trial you take your rights

Wake up and know where to direct your blame, if they are to be blame then put 1% of the blame on the newspaper, 99% on Muslims all over the world who led us to this situation with stupid and frozen understanding for the religion and following without stopping for a second to consider what they follow or try to understand what it means

Wake up before it is too late, before we become as Jews became before


Yasmine said...

Al salamo 3lekom
Excuse me free soul, i'm sorry i completely disagree with you, except for what u said about the damages the protestors made. In fact, there was a survey done for the citizens of denmark if they are with or against the cartoons, 85% replied accepting it and find there is no problem in it. I'm Sorry But after boycotting they already started to say sorry, and they tasted how much it cost them to talk about our beloved prophet. No matter about the minority which will loose, they can go for a strike and totally disagree about the cartoons!! but it seems that they do agree. In addition, this is the only way we can answer those people without showing that we are terrsorists, it's somehow we're telling them ok we dun wanna deal with u anymore because you are insulting the best creature on the world. What would you do if someone came and said the worst word ever about your father!??! would u take him to court !!!??? i reALLLY dUN think so... Please one last request dun call the Muslims Stupid people coz by this word ur reallly distroying moslims image !!! you was just saying that we need to show them that we are better than them !! Also, free speech doesn't meen no Limit!!! especially when it comes to someone like Prophet MOhamed (PBUH)... think of it again you wont be sitting watching someone who is completely humilating your dad or mum and say this is a free speech !!! I'm Sorry But plzzz i see that you have to read more about this person the prophet who reallly need more than this to be done to him !!! for the sacrifices he made because of our UMMAH.
Gazak ALlah kher
Sorry one last thing, think of it when the world see how we were so mad about these cartoons!! i dun think they will say we r terrorists except if we damaged things. but they'll go searching about who is Mohammed the one who those people reacted like this because of him, and it might be a reason for them to read more abt Eslam and know more abut this respectable religion Not The STUPID ONE AS U SAID!!!

free soul said...

Dear yasmine:

1- Denmark is of the nations where islam has proven a very strong growing rate, they are not the devils you think!

2- I heared a thousand times about this vote yet no clue that this thing is true on the net, while on the other hand the votes that were made were about freedom of the newspaper to publish the cartoons, and if the gov should apologize for them

no real vote was made about the contents of the cartoons its self, i hope you understand the difference, they based their ideas in the two votes i told you about on two basic rules:

a- the newspaper is free to publish anything and if you find it wrong, you can go to court!!

b- the gov is not responsible to apologize on behalf of every private company inside it, including its press of course!!

3- I am a Muslim my friend so plz stop talkig to me like i am an idiot that know nothing about islam, the prophet didn't come for us, he came for the whole world, you are not better from them because you don't know who your life will end and how their life will end and only allah knows our destiny in the after life

stop making the prophet as a private property of muslims, god sent him to all humans to guide them

4- if you reply hate with hate, hurt with hurt, what good did you do? did you think that if the prophet was here he would agree on the violent acts that happened?

5- i didn't say muslims are stupid, i didn't say islam is a stupid religion so plz don't imagine things of your own and reply on it, review what i wrote, and you will see that i was talking about "stupid understanding of islam" and this is our stupid human way of understanding orders of god, exactly like the those who went and burnt the embassies, they will tell you they were following orders of god, that is how they understood it and that is what i call stupid understanding

it is to misunderstand the religion in a way that move you against the spirit and core of the order thinking you are just following it

and if you will judge with the result that people will start reading about islam, plz know that after 11-9 a huge number started to read about islam yet that doesn't mean that 11-9 was something right!! i hope you agree on this point!!

if a man hurt me i will not kill him with his family and friends, that is insane!! review the acts and you will see that some groups declared that killing Danes are rightful in the name of allah!! yes that happend in Gazaa and i read it on al arabiya website

now i am totally with you that we should be angry for any inslut against our prophet, yet directing this anger is very good, and also controlling it not to hurt innocent people or cause more hurt to the reputation of islam, remember that we are the window others see islam through!!

I know you will not get convinced but at least when you read my words read them carefully, you may find an important side of the truth there

Yasmine said...

salamo 3lekom,
im glad u answered me back, and i've read ur words very carefully. and i totally agree with you, but that that was from the beginning to that i told u i agree with you that the violence made like in Syria and Lebanon wasn't right. at the same time, we won't judge all the muslims because of minorities who made such an act. and i know that denmark got a lot of muslims there, but what i wanna say even if the survey is not true, if we as an ummah didnt show any respond and we accepted the fact that media Got full freadom, it willl be a bizare u know!!!! at least we are trying to say that untill religion u must stop, i'm sorry but ofcourse the smart government should have an act, coz this might create hatred among many countries ezpecially the muslims ones and the danish. I wasn't creating words from my mind, but it is the same i think if our way of thinking is stupid than we are stupid, Coz our minds is the most important thing that guide us. ANyways, the only thing i didn't agree with you about it was when u said that Boycottness is wrong, I sware it is not, think of it more and ull find it worth it, and we wont stop it because of minority! u know!! Plus man Yataky Allah Yaged Laho Makhragan!!! ya3ny if u did accepted the fact that the products you import comes from a country which insults ur prophet and u cant do nothing and this is the only thing you can do replying to them, So it worth it u know, and 2al 23malo Bel neyaat!! GoD is gr8 and he will compensate him either in Donia Or Akhra. One last thing, i knew from the beginning that you are a muslim, and u understood me wrong when u said that i talk abt the prophet as if he;s only for the muslims, but i meant us as muslims the people who believe in him must do this.
GAzak Allah Kher and Salamo 3lekom

Tarek said...

Salamo 3likom

First “free soul” about “by boycotting denmark , we will be punishing all of the people not only newspaper”….yea maybe even some muslims there in denmark are affected by the boycott but it’s the least we could do…we must take an action toward what was shown on the newspaper or else showing el rasoul 3lih el salat wel salam on other newspapers would be a normal daily thing as no one would be opposing this.. However if we just made mozhrat & so on in arab countries & inside denmark... they will not be affected and not caring but certainly boycotting was an effective method but of course bombs or acting as terrorists was a negative point..

another point.. am definitely against ur opinion that the blame is 99% on muslims !!!! of course the blame is on the newspaper mainly & maybe a little blame then on few muslims who r somehow terrorists & overreact in a situation which needs more patience & understanding… but however the majority of muslims didn’t do something stupid or wrong.. they did the least or the best available option which could be done towards a country who humiliated our prophet in an unacceptable way & the bad thing that some of them accept publishing those pictures with no regard to other ppl.. and about that poll..fa yea it was written in el ahram weeks ago & btw “free soul” not all polls were made based on whether the newspaper is free to publish everything or not…some polls where about whether they accept publishing those cartoons again or not & if they feel muslims r right or wrong concerning their reaction (boycott) to the post

Yea I heard that many americans & even non-americans aslmo after 9/11…yet as u said it wasn’t a right thing but it had a positive point…moreover maybe as Amr khaled wanted, more Danish will know what is islam is really like & they would know more about el rasoul (PBUH) and maybe yeslmo too as thousands of American did after 9/11

and is it really that they declared killing any Danish was the right thing, that’s awful !! I read 2 days ago that el azhar or something like that declined killing even writers of the Danish newspaper.. anyway !

& finally Yasmine…the danish government & the newspaper made an apology..maybe a somehow late one but it’s a good progress anyway…but I really wonder what are we really waiting for to stop boycotting …is it a rule from UN (for ex.) to forbid insulting religions through media or a more serious act from the government ?!

free soul said...


Tarek, I accuse majority of muslims not because the recent events but because they didn't do their rule well to best represent islam, they are the reason of the bad idea they have in europe about islam

note that any religion is known by its followers not its books, that is reality and that is how humans think

on the other side, I can't be satisfied by the fake apology they made under pressure, they did it like saying "yes terrorists, we say sorry but our hearts feel not sorry"!!

what i want is to inroduce the truth to those people, to know that our prophet was not as they illustrated him and respect him really even if they didn't believe in him

and the only question i want to ask to thouse against denmark and europe is:

"what is the possible way to prevent insulting the religions?"