Saturday, March 04, 2006

A car accident- Follow up

Do you remember the car accident I had almost a year ago, more precise on the 23rd of last april??

that accident that i was about to die in, and the driver ran away, do you remember that?

Ok, the guy was arrested and now he will have to go to court to defend himself there!!

today, my sis opened the door to find three doors-I mean three huge humans- standing on the door, they claimed that they know me, my father came and after questioning them they told him that one of them is the owner of the car.

the man kept apologizing for what happened, he claimed he wasn't the driver and he just owns the car, he claimed that the driver took the car without any papers and so he will be taken in his place if i send him to prison, he claimed every thing possible to have forgivness!!

I wasn't home, my father first treated him very hard but my father has a kind heart and at last he told him that this is not his decision, it is the decision of the victim -me i guess- and left the whole thing to me!!

No, considering the fact that the car hit me and ran away, considering the fact that in order to run away the driver went more speedy to run over me and escape -thank god he coudln't make it- regarding all that, what do you think i shoul do?


The Eyewitness said...

Think about it all again....Think about God's hand in saving you.......and at last..........Simply.....Forgive him......

Eman M said...

Hard decision
But you have to forgive him at the end

ahmed said...

Please drop your link to
as I think it has been taken over and now links to some very bad sites.

Lilly said...

i think you should forgive him

Sameh Ragheb said...

My younger brother knocked someone dead. When I think of it, he has to be punished, really he has to change many things in his life. But he is my brother, my dear and first friend ever, of course I want him not to be punished. Think that this guy is a dear friend and as you are now in a good health, make a deal with Allah, you forgive the man, and God Forgives you. What a deal??!!

Sray said...

I do think you should forgive him. But, as he did make a mistake, ask him to donate some money (amt. u can decide, depending upon the capabilities of this man) to some charity of your choice... preferably that deals with accident victims, or people with paralysis and so on due to such unfortunate accidents. Hopefully, that will show this man the outcome such rash behavior could have.

free soul said...

forgive without punishment will be unfair, not because i hate the guy, acutally I forgot the whole thing already, but because he must know that such mistakes that are related to ignoring human price will not pass easily

I choosen the way of sray, looked the best for me my lawyer is handling it