Monday, January 30, 2006


Silence is the thing and the everything!!

Is silence is the absence of sound? Can’t you feel that it has its own separate identity? Can’t silence be noticed sometimes in the presence of sounds, both in the same place facing each other, each with its own identity?

How can you feel silence? It is heaven for two lovers looking into each other eyes; it is hell for one of them only, is it the same silence?

It is peace for a satisfied soul, a torture for a blamed soul; it is the start of talk or the end of it

It is the thing before life, was there something that can produce sound before life? Then what came first sound or silence? If silence came first then we should say that sound is the absence of silence!!

Is silence calm? How can you say that when you have silence but have a thousand ideas in your head like voices talking only in your head?

It is the most virgin thing; any small voice will corrupt it and destroy its soul, its heart

What is silence? I can’t think yet I can feel, I can’t understand yet I can reach, I can’t know yet I can recognize


The Eyewitness said...

Hush the sound of tongue, and your heart will talk, hush the sound of your heart and god will talk.

free soul said...

god talks to a lestining heart!

it is hard to identify things, we accept things and defintions as is without paying much attention that the simplest concepts may be somehow, wrong!!

to build an idea, build it from scratch

The Eyewitness said...

Try it to know if it is right or wrong, and then you can build your idea.

free soul said...

to know if something is right or wrong we compare it with some measures, what if the measures are corrupt? everything will then go wrong

it is like a corrupt scale, it will give you corrupt results every time you use it

ideas are the same, it is a big pyramid of ideas, if you find the first early stone not in the right position, all other stones will be misplaced too, to identify your right position you will have to go far and deep behind every step to know if its basis are well established or not, mostly you will find many bad basis around