Friday, January 06, 2006

Ariel Sharon… on the verge of death

Ariel Sharon is on the verge of death, we all know that as news say he got a brain stroke, brain bleeding twice and two hard surgeries up to now, they say he lost control on some of his limbs too, they don’t know if he will be able to act normally again or not

The point here is that I am really sad for him!!! Before you start accusing me, consider these facts first:

1- I respect this man as a warrior who served his country since he was 18, he was involved in every single war for his country, got hurt twice, lead the famous attack behind the Egyptian lines on his own responsibility against all the rules to save the Israeli situation, as a sum, he is an enemy that we must respect as loyal to his country
2- We must understand that the crimes he made are part of Jewish heritage, that means all other Jewish loyal members will do the same like him, we mustn’t be so optimistic that some other person will take control because when it comes to a clash with them, he will prove that he is like Sharon or worse
3- Sharon tested war and know how does it feel to see his own soldiers being killed, he know how does it feel to be hurt and about to fall in enemy hands as he was about to fall in Egyptian hands in 1948 and he was hurt with two bullets, he knows how awful war is and he is so careful not to start another war
4- As a surprise, you must know that Sharon was the man who solved the problems between Egypt and Israel more than 25 years ago when he convinced Menahem Begen to leave Sinai and destroy the settlements, no other man could do it because Sharon was famous of defending Jewish settlements all over Israel
5- I don’t see much leaders in Israel side willing to negotiate with Arabs or do any change, I believe it was possible to work with Sharon for a limit, I know the limit doesn’t satisfy the Arabs but we will know soon that other Jewish leaders will not give us that limit either

I am not crying for him, but I respect those very critical moments even if I know how many crimes he made

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