Saturday, January 21, 2006

My family:

As this blog is like my home, I though of introducing you to the odd group of my family, it is odd because its members are of no way like each other, each member in this family has his own story but as an overall, they meet at some points as you will see, let’s start from the beginning

My father: my father is a very old man, he is 68 years old, very old fashioned man in some stuff and very modern in others, this means he is a man who accepts changes in time, but careful, that is not the fact all the time!!

My father was raised by the rules of the dictator father, this means no way for discussion with other family members, and they say my grandfather was even stricter that all his children were all the time afraid of him

My father is a very nice kind man, he loves us much yet he can’t change his way, his ideas must take place and that sometimes cause us problems but we all do our best to satisfy him

I must note that my father’s life wasn’t as good and stable as you may think, he is a very experienced man, he volunteered for the army affected by the atmosphere at that time, returned after 1956 war to the university to complete his studies, married twice, he is very much interested in politics too, unfortunately, he doesn’t like fairoz

My mother is a very much housewife, she is very simple and never busy her mind with big things, she is satisfied with her work because she have a tiring position in the ministry of education-that used to cause me troubles when I was young because teachers never treated me normally!!-, with my mother I can speak for long about my feelings, my mother is very near to my heart, while my father share the same interests with me that we are used to steal books from each other J

My oldest sister is married, nothing to say a lot, she has that strong personality and mind of the family, she is a little cruel with her little children, the little angels, or may I be too kind!!??

The second is my oldest brother, he is the ex-football player, he got injured long ago, he stopped playing football, it is hard to start building life from scratch so he made a company, a moderate one and he is married too, has a very young angel, she still can’t call me “3ammo”

My next brother is the politician of the family, the philosopher in it too, he formed the majority of our library, he left to Canada more than 7 years ago, and he works in programming with java and has his own small company in Toronto now

My brother was part of many organizations when he was young, one of his advantages is his independence in his decisions, he never waits for the permission and move to the action directly, that is how he left the house twice the first to Sinai to work with an international organization there and the second to Canada

The next brother is our writer, he is a very good writer yet life don’t support writers a lot, he works now as accountant in Saudi Arabia

My brother used to write very good plays and novels, comic style was his best, his disadvantage is not aiming a lot in that side, he didn’t give it enough tries even after he got his first chance to write in a newspaper, he didn’t care a lot for it and soon he returned to write only for himself (and us of courseJ)

My last sister is the artist of the family; she is a painter, a very good one by the way!
I must admit that I am a very bad painter and panting is the whole world of my sis, that is why we are not talking much, she can’t think of another topic I guess!

I must say that the best within my family is the amount of freedom they gave us in our lives, although father believe in the one decision rule, he believes in completely separate personal life for each person, that is why he encouraged each of us to compete in his side and be the best, my father supported the decision of my sister to join faculty of applied arts, supported my decision to concentrate in computer programming long ago, supported my brother to concentrate on football

As a family we all share some stuff, we all have very wild imagination, we all used to write at some stage, we all have that independence and freedom and hate questions or orders

That is my family, I can’t say it is the best family but I really appreciate being part of it


Anonymous said...

my old friend ;
what an amazing fammilly!! ,its branches is crazy on its self ,i never know all these things about your fammilly although i know you more than 18 years tell now
god damn you

Zeinobia said...

Nice to you know your family ,it is so great and interesting ,no wonder you are interesting personality yourself

free soul said...

Ahmed, my polite friend :D

Ok, you just didn't ask and you know, i don't talk until i am triggered to speak :)
Zainab: thanks :), i don't know if being interesting is something good or bad, but i will be optimistic here (upnormal for me to be optimistic) :)
I think the family each of us get is the best for him, or does it go the other way, i mean we come as result of the family so it looks like the best for us ?

I don't know, but i know i love my family, and that is all :)

by the way, while you were commenting i was talking with my two brothers abroad, the third couldn't reach us, they are all abroad now :(

Eman M said...

When you get kids, you will be more cruel :P