Friday, January 06, 2006

Year 2005… Late like usual

Late like usual, here I write about that year, and oh boy it was a real busy year, busy and unique

Unlike others, I will be really selfish here, I will write about this year from my own side only

Important events I had in 2005:

1- I had a car accident, a car hit me and I was about to die, this was in April and helped me change as I think
2- I had a two weeks campaign of reconsidering my life, this was really important because it changed my thoughts a lot
3- I got back to community, it means I didn’t get satisfied by pushing inside my thoughts, for the first time I both said them loudly and wrote them(first time after 5 years shut up)
4- My old diary got out to the world, in this year I published parts of it online here, old things written more than 6 or 7 years ago, but never been read before
5- I started to write stories again, this time short stories mostly in English, I got few of them to be discussed on the radio and people liked them
6- This is a place holder for an event that I will keep for myself, but it is of the most important events ;)
7- My brother came back after 4 years away in Canada, we spent about a month together and it was a good time because no one understands me like my brother
8- I started blogging, thank you all for keeping me in, that was at 31/3/2005 (remember this time because it is important)
9- I knew my military service, it was a hard time
10- I finished university and applied for masters in networks
11- I started working in SysDSoft, I work as a design engineer designing communication software there
12- My grandmother died and I really was sad, she was the last of the old people I really loved much
13- I got to know many friends, one of them is really close to me now and helped me a lot to pass by many hard times, I want to send her a very big thank you note after this hard time, so plz wish with me that she will do fine in the exams J
14- I returned to political life again, this time by reading, writing and documenting things, I am not young enough for demonstrations :D
15- I taught in the university for the last time, they say I was very good and very honest this year, I was so happy at the end of the year that more than 100 students attended my last section that I had to reserve another place to take them, I was happy to meet them later at work and know they didn’t hate me and have good memories for me
16- I participated in the elections, not by voting but by watching, I have no voter ID yet

Summing all the previous, I think the previous year of 2005 was the most effective in my life and personality up to now after early childhood days, I think changes are for the good

My wishes for 2006:

1- I learn more discipline, freedom has nothing against a little discipline
2- I get to meet some old friends, I really miss them all
3- I pass my exams, this is important as with military, all what will be left for me is my masters
4- Have peace with my heart, my heart is in trouble all the time, angry and anxious, I hope it can come a little calm
5- Get more near to god, I know I am not a bad guy but there are things I want to do, things I want to read and search in but never have the time, I hope I can do that this year
6- I wish I can watch the stars again from my balcony with the same feelings as the old 9 years kid!
7- This one is reserved for you, make a good wish for me plz ;)


Eman M said...

Watching the stars? :)
You made me think from when I didn't do this beautiful cutom.
That was in last summer in north coast, well let's watch the stars :)

free soul said...

last time was about 4 months ago, but it wasn't like it used to be old ago

when you are a small kid, you watch the starts and belong to there, now you watch the starts with many feelings as a guest on the stars, not as a resident there

I wish my soul can fly back there as it used when i was a small sky loving kid

BaVaLoVa said...

first i`m sorry for ur grandmother, wade7 that all grand mothers passed away this year :(

2nd, i`m glad that u have a lot of things that u achived this year & that u noticed them .

finally i wish that u get what u want for 2006. and abt wish no(7) mmm... i donno yet but i think it may be related to the military sevice..

free soul said...

bavalova :) welcome and happy feast

it is clear we are getting old, that is why we are losing our old relatives :(

I don't think I achieved much in 2005, I just changed, the change is not an achievement, it is a base for something, that thing I hope can come and grow in the following years

thanks for the good wish whatever it is :)