Monday, January 16, 2006

Our great library

Two days ago, I picked up a philosophy book, philosophy is a subject I never read about but it got my interest a lot from the first few pages of this book, it is a real amazing one

It made me go to our great library at home and start searching for more sources, this library was collected by my brother, my other brother, my sis and finally me, for a very long time I used to buy my own books and use my own sector privately, later I started to borrow all the books I need from any library I get access to and stopped buying books at all ;)

Ok, I stepped inside for the first time after long years, during those years I used to make quick visits all the time to pick novels but never got the chance to try to investigate the books inside

The result was incredible; the library was full of books we bought from more than 15 years!! I found books that I bough from the book fair when I was about 8!! They were two English books, one about age of the kings, a historical one, and the other is scientific

What is important is the amount of books I found in almost everything; I could finally divide the library into the following sections

1- politics: about 40 books

2- philosophy: about 60 books

3- logic: about 10 books

4- history: about 40 books

5- Languages: 12 books including two books for hieroglyphics!! One of them in Arabic! When I was young, I used the English one to learn my first few words and statements in hieroglyphics and in a while I was able to read simple text, unfortunately I don’t remember any of that now :(

6- religion: about 70 or more books, talking about different religions but mainly Islam and Islamic history

7- Novels: mostly for Russian writers, this is my brother’s stuff; I used to read novels in the library and wasn’t used to buy them ;)

8- Computer: 30 books of computer related stuff, programming languages; I found wonderful java books inside, java books from more than 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9- A complete series of books in Arabic that used to select a writer and a topic in each time, I grouped them together although they don’t have the same common topic but I wanted to complete group to be together, about 30 one they were

10- Other: scientific books and some strange topics books :)

All those books are the new stuff only that I never got the chance to read, I didn’t touch my sector of the library or my other brother’s sector because I already read most of them, it took me more than 4 hours to classify the books, arrange them back and extract 11 books that I found really interesting, I put them on the desk beside my bed, I guess I will be having very busy time ;)

By the way, Socrates say hello to all of you :D


LEMNA said...

:))Say my hello to him too!:))
But one suggestion pal,if u can find books from Bertrand Russell get the chance to have a look over them, they are dead nice,I actually liked philosophy alot and I have worked on it sometimes.It will be very nice to start it from beginning and know how it goes:)

free soul said...


I will lemna, unfortunately, I don't have books for him in my own library, but I will make some visits especially that we will have a book fair here in the following few days, I will seek some of his stuff there :)

But I am sure i will not have such pleasrue as I found it with socrates, I will post why in a separete post soon, as soon as i finish the current book ;)

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i love philosophy, though i get in nothing free... but somehow i like the deepth ppl talk with sometimes..
and sometimes u'd be amazed, its absolutly true

Steliano Ponticos said...

Free Soul that seems to be a great library. In addition to its rich content it has the magic that old collections have. It is a history of you and your brother and sis in a way.

My grandparets had a library like this. It is there that I discovered the best Arabic novelists, Naguib Mahfooz, Hannah Mina, .. .. .. and also greek authors.

Great post my friend.

Steliano Ponticos said...

I agree with Lemna Betrand Russel yegannen he blows your hair back

free soul said...


I will write a post on philosophy soon, but you know, I guess it is the science for the people who love to see the big picture, not a small part of it

that is why i hate waves i guess, it is all the time giving you a small fake picture full of assumptions and you are supposed to believe this, in philosophy, there is no basics, no facts, all is under discussion :)

free soul said...

stel, you are right, while ordering the books i got back the memories of my first book, my first library visit, my first lecture there, my first visit to the book fair, lost of memories for me and my family, it was amazing experience to do so, i am really happy :)

I am searching for books for bertrand russell because i don't have any here locally, i couldn't find any at the public library, i will look for him at the book fair, it is on in cairo now :)

Zeinobia said...

we got a very big library in our house too ,mostly politics and history

free soul said...

we are lucky to live in such houses, having a chance like the one we got is not easy and i always asked myself what if i was born in a different atmosphere with different family and different house, would i think the same and feel the same and seek the same results?