Saturday, December 31, 2005

Today’s demonstration for the Sudanese refugees

This night, there was a demonstration against what the security forces did to the Sudanese refugees in Egypt, I wanted to attend but I was so sick and had an important thing to be done before 7 pm

I am not of the kind that like attending demos because I believe they are not useful but this time my heart was broke and I couldn’t stay home this time, I wanted at least to be there even for 5 minutes.

Ok, I finally decided to pass by, check up things just to be present there and may be take some photos, I was so sick and stayed just for 15 minutes there then left

You will see below some of the photos taken, but what is more important is the conversation that took place between me and 2 passengers and the driver in the taxi on my way to my other mission

It seems the Egyptians as a whole have no sympathy about what happened at all, they consider this as the normal end to the “foolishness” of the Sudanese refugees, it was really hard to convince them to understand the real tragedy behind the whole problem

Ok, I managed to convince them finally before we leave, at least they agreed, but I believe they still from the inside don’t care much even if all the refugees die, it was horrible to see that they are ready to accept the misery of other nations and accept excuses said by the government

Do you know what I believe now? I believe this reaction was all because we as a nation are tired from humiliation, we wanted to see one reason to feel our nation as a unique respected nation

In other words, while we are humiliated as we see everyday, we want to see a situation where we are treated better, this reflects at supporting any racist act like the one the government did.

We are eager to feel our dignity and unfortunately, we felt it strongly with the torture of the other weak humans

Now let me ask a question, if the protesters where from Russia, USA or any strong respected country, would the security forces do the same? I doubt it!!

The place of the demonstrations was full of security forces in civilian clothes and some high ranked police officers, some foreigners and very few Egyptians

No one there know me, that made me finish my stay there quick and leave after taking those photos


Zeinobia said...

believe or not ,I am happy that all the world is angry from the regime now
anyway Happy new year let's that this one will be even better

free soul said...

and they are unhappy from us too :(

I am unhappy from egyptians as a whole now, I find real difficulty to convince my friends that what happend was wrong, they insist that this was the only way and the police did all it could!!!!!!!!!!!

Alaa said...

hey next time say hello

free soul said...

I really don't know the guys there and didn't have time to get to know the people there, better chance next time (I don't hope to have next time because this will mean another disaster!! )